Lead Scoring – Definition and Method For Your Marketing Scoring

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is essential in an excellent inbound marketing strategy. Its use will allow you to classify your leads throughout your marketing funnel. Indeed, to be successful in your inbound marketing, you have set up effective lead nurturing, and you will be able to assess the engagement of your leads. Lead scoring should allow you […]

Radio Advertising Guide: It’s Still Effective in 2021?

radio advertising

Every year on February 13, World Radio Day is celebrated by radio stations around the world. After all, on February 13, 1946, the UN first broadcast a radio wave from its headquarters in New York. Since then, radio has grown into a mass medium for music, stories, news, and advertising. Today, music streaming services and […]

Sales Funnel: How Do You Create A Perfect That Increases Your Turnover?

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel a visual representation of how your company gets customers. How do you get leads? How do you transfer these leads to customers? What do you do to increase the value of a customer? Several roads lead to Rome. This also applies to your sales funnel. Every sales funnel looks different. How you […]

B2C Meaning: What is B2C (Business to Customers) Marketing?

b2c business to customer marketing

B2C stands for business to the consumer: Companies to customers. This concerns company that focuses on the private market. Unlike Business to Business marketing, B2C marketing is one of the most common marketing techniques. Since, as a B2C, you have a large market, this form of marketing can best be compared to push marketing. You […]

B2B Meaning: What is B2B (Business to Business) Marketing?

b2b business to business marketing

B2B stands for business to business, or companies to companies. This concerns company that is specifically aimed at the business market and therefore only does business with other companies. This is different from B2C: companies to consumers. These are companies that focus on parties that consume the end product. A well-known B2B company is, for […]

Business Model Canvas: Find Your Organizational Identity With BMC Guide

business model canvas

You have probably heard of the Business Model Canvas. This canvas comes from the worldwide bestseller Business┬áModel Generation And is used to develop, research, or change new and existing business models. The book and canvas have been around for several years, but the method is still current and very effective. Although the Business Model Canvas […]