SEO Audit Tools – Best Free – Paid Tools To Audit Your SEO

free paid seo audit tools

Free & Paid SEO Audit Tools That You Can Use Free and Paid The SEO audit is a diagnosis of the state of the natural referencing of your website. It allows you to analyze your site to identify any issues that are preventing you from achieving optimal performance in terms of organic search and natural […]

Funny Wifi Names – 50+ Funniest Wifi Network Names

funniest wifi names

When setting up your WiFi network, you can of course choose to use the default name of your provider. Very easy, but also quite boring. With a little bit of effort, you can already put a big smile on the face of your neighbors. Change the name of your WiFi network into a super funny […]

Lead Scoring – Definition and Method For Your Marketing Scoring

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is essential in an excellent inbound marketing strategy. Its use will allow you to classify your leads throughout your marketing funnel. Indeed, to be successful in your inbound marketing, you have set up effective lead nurturing, and you will be able to assess the engagement of your leads. Lead scoring should allow you […]

Newsletter Tips – 10 Tips For Creative and Engaging Newsletter

newsletter tips

You are shopping online and a screen pops up with ‘Sign up for the newsletter and receive a 10% discount on your order.’ A lot of us do that, because of discounts! But for that one-time discount, you are now stuck with several of those websites. Newsletters: your mailbox is full of them, but do […]

Colors That Sell : Top 10 Colors To Sell Your Stuff More

colors that sell brand logo

Colors convey sensations, that is why companies must ensure that their corporate image and logo are in sync with their values. Red is the color of power, blue is relaxing, and orange is related to energy The Colors play a key role in building a brand image and sell more products. People are visual creatures, […]

WWDC 2021 Round-up: Summary of All Announcements!

wwdc 2021

The WWDC is Apple’s annual conference for developers. Like last year, WWDC 2021 will be fully digital. During a pre-recorded version of the WWDC keynote, Apple talked about iOS 15 , watchOS 8 , macOS 12 and more. Do you want a quick overview of all announcements? Then read this WWDC 2021 summary! WWDC 2021 […]

Radio Advertising Guide: It’s Still Effective in 2021?

radio advertising

Every year on February 13, World Radio Day is celebrated by radio stations around the world. After all, on February 13, 1946, the UN first broadcast a radio wave from its headquarters in New York. Since then, radio has grown into a mass medium for music, stories, news, and advertising. Today, music streaming services and […]

What is Dwell Time? Why it is Important For SEO

what is dwell time in seo

There is so much data and information available in the digital marketing world that it is difficult to know which metrics are worth tracking and optimizing. These are ”vanity metrics” and simply a waste of time. But what is dwell time? Dwell time happens to be one of the most important metrics you should pay […]

Hashtags on Pinterest: Here’s What You Need to Know

use hashtags on pinterest

Pinterest is all about finding inspiring ideas that you can then save to boards on your Pinterest account. Ideas that come from companies like yours. To make sure content stands out in people’s timelines and appears in searches, you can use hashtags on Pinterest, for example. Pinterest is an ideas platform, a visual search engine […]