Choosing the Best Photo Editing Services in 2024: 8 Factors to Consider

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Investing in the best photo editing services is not just a whim but a must-have for businesses. According to surveys, 67% of consumers are influenced by the image and quality of products when making purchase decisions. To attract new clients and build trust, it is crucial to opt for photo retouching services that not only offer exceptional quality but also align with your branding. Additionally, the process of photo improvement is labor- and time-consuming, with retouching 10 photos on a white background taking up to 10 hours. By delegating the task of image enhancement to a reliable photo editing service, you can save time on new projects while ensuring your requirements and expectations are met.

Photo editing services or software must have these things:

Portfolio – To Evaluate Works and Style

Perhaps the company’s portfolio is the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing an image editing service. As a rule, it contains the best works and the most successful cases selected to attract new customers.

As you review a company’s work, evaluate how their skill level and style suit you. Make sure it matches your photo editing needs exactly and matches your vision of the result.

It is also important to check their social media account for the portfolio (for example, Instagram or/and Pinterest), where there are photos with customers’ tags. In this way, you can understand how happy its customers are, how much the company invests in advertising, and how long it has been providing its services.

Also, look for before/after images and scalable photos in the portfolio to better evaluate the skills of the photo editing team.

Payment Considerations – To Find the Best Value for Money

By delegating product retouching services, the cost is equally important for the customer because it should be affordable. After selecting a few photo retouching services based on their portfolio, examine the cost of each of them to compare and choose the option that is best for you in all respects.

If it is appropriate, try to bring down the indicated price, especially if you are looking for a long-term partner, because it will benefit both parties. If you have chosen a foreign agency, make sure that their payment methods suit you, as a complicated and inconvenient payment method can spoil the whole cooperation.

More specifically, expect about $90 for an hour of photo enhancement services and $3 for one specific product photo.

Speaking of the most popular services, their teams fix colors for $2.50 per image and up, add reflection for $1 per image and up, improve glossy and glass products for $12 per image, and do ghost mannequins for $10 per image and up.

Also, companies often offer discounts for bulk orders and long-term cooperation. Such discounts can reach up to 30%.

Areas of Expertise – Cooperate with a Strong Background Company

An equally important factor when you hire a photo editor is his industry-specific experience. To end up with truly amazing images, the specialist’s experience must be extensive and undeniable.

You also need to determine the type of photo editing you are looking for and your business needs. This is important because industries are different, and only some agencies have the qualifications and experience you need.

All this is not difficult to find out because nowadays, the company’s website is its showcase and virtual identity, where you can get acquainted with its terms of cooperation and the range of services provided. 

Visit the website of the agency you like to find out if they can help you solve your problems and how high the quality of their services is, as well as check the latest news, discounts, promotions, offers, and more.

What’s more, only reliable and responsible picture retouching agencies comply with product image requirements, namely:

  • Appropriate picture format;
  • Applying CMYK or RBG color mode;
  • Removing everything superfluous from the photo, leaving only the product in the frame;
  • I am keeping product images on a white background.

Tools and Technology – To Get Quality Work

Using only high-end photo editing software, updating specialized programs to the latest versions, and using only the latest trends and modern technologies are essential for photo editing companies, which affects the quality of their services.

Give preference to companies that use Adobe software, as they can transfer these files, and you can modify and finalize them. Moreover, you can ask to create a template for color correction in Lightroom (preset) or with a logo (in Photoshop), etc.

Make sure the agency you choose keeps up with the times, both regarding fashion trends and updating their software, tools, technologies, and skills. This is one of the guarantees of the quality of work since updating the program is designed to make it more functional, expand its capabilities, and get the most out of it.

Response Time – To Get Your Photos on Time

The best photo retouching services are companies that quickly respond to customer requests, strictly adhere to deadlines, and are in constant contact with the client on any issues, whether it is work progress or edits. Partnering with an ‘event photographer near me‘ offers the advantage of a comprehensive service where the photography and subsequent retouching are handled by a cohesive team 

As mentioned above, 1 photo can take about 1 hour. However, as a rule, agencies offer urgent services for an additional fee, which is very convenient in case of urgent need. For example, for the work to be completed in 36 hours, some companies take 50% of the cost, and for 24 hours – 75%.

Security – To Save Your Data

When you hire a photo editor, you expect reliability and security, just like with any other service. If this is of paramount importance to you, move away from photo editing apps in favor of image enhancement agencies, as they adhere to ISO 9001 conditions, ensuring that your images uploaded to cloud services are protected.

If you are looking for a retoucher for personal or confidential shots, try to build a trusting relationship with the specialist so that you don’t have to worry about protecting your photos.

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Customer Reviews – To Learn About Other Customers’ Experiences

You can find them on social networks, review sites, and specialized forums. By reading this feedback, you can get a better picture of the company, not only the positives listed on their website but also the negatives, both regarding the quality of the results and the customer support.

However, you must understand that being the best for everyone is unrealistic, and a few bad reviews should not spoil the company’s image. What’s more, you can find out if the team tried to satisfy the client. 

After weighing the pros and cons, you can conclude whether the agency suits you. I recommend looking for reviews on Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Reviewcentre, Reddit, etc.

Age of the Company – To Hire Editors with Experience

Photo editing companies, which have many years of experience under their belts, are the key to getting high-quality photos. This is because if, for so many years of work, the company has not closed and has not gone bankrupt, then it knows how to run its business.

You need to pay attention to the agency’s time in the market and years of industry-specific experience when choosing an image editing partner. Years of work testify that the company has successfully coped with all the problems that met on its way, found ways to solve them, and built up an impressive customer base.


Finding an image editing service to which you can completely entrust such a responsible task as improving your pictures is complex and time-consuming. This is because you must be sure of the professionalism of your executor. 

In this article, I considered the parameters you should consider when looking for a reliable photo enhancement agency.

Always be guided by these factors to protect yourself from poor quality services, unpleasant experiences, and unprofessional photo editors.