Examples of AI : Example of Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Lives

examples of ai

You’ve probably wondered how artificial intelligence influences everyday life, right? In a world in which technology is increasingly influential, advances in robotics are the news of the day, and our daily tasks are reinforced by the use of all kinds of technological devices and tools, it is not enough to question ourselves about the impact of AI and some of the examples of AI in everyday life that reinforce its importance.

Now, surrounded by a halo of science fiction, artificial intelligence has been influenced by all kinds of myths and questions. Many believe that it will replace human labour, and some others even believe that it will be responsible for our extinction. But, without certainty regarding this, the need for it has increased, becoming a common tool camouflaged in everyday life. Therefore, this article will tell you about artificial intelligence in daily life and its main uses. Are you ready to meet them? Let’s go for it!

Social Media Network

To discuss the applications of artificial intelligence in everyday life, it is essential to start with one of the tools most influenced by it: social media networks. Networks have a great advantage: they are fully customizable.

You may wonder how it is achieved. The answer, as you will already deduce, lies in AI. Thanks to it, information is monitored in real-time, and content is recommended to users. In addition, AI can understand Internet users’ tastes to display relevant content.

So, artificial intelligence’s importance in everyday life is, first and foremost, related to entertainment. Second, it has led to the emergence of developments such as the famous Facebook Metaverse.

Voice assistance

You may have noticed that most devices you purchase come with a built-in feature: voice assistance. These assistants will help you find the necessary information and answer all your questions. But have you ever wondered how they do it? They achieve this through machine learning technologies.

In this way, the device manages to identify certain needs and interests of the user and responds to them through internet search. These voice assistants are very important within the examples of AI in everyday life.

GPS and maps

Another of the most relevant uses of artificial intelligence in everyday life is GPS or digital maps. AI technology in this field will be found in specific applications. These are intended to identify the best routes to certain locations. In addition to guiding you, AI will allow interaction with other users, parking options or nearby tourist places, among others.

Chatbots and customer service

One of the strongest answers to what artificial intelligence is for in everyday life is customer service. This is one of the fields that has received the most attention and that has improved considerably in terms of its relationship with users. It is also fundamental in the examples of AI in everyday life.

In this sense, AI powered chatbots are born and strengthened. These, through AI, provide the required information, resolve doubts, and help with procedures. The best thing is that they do it in a matter of minutes.

Internet search engines

You will have noticed, with our extensive experience using the Internet, that you no longer need to finish your sentences so that search engines know what you need. This is, without a doubt, an examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life. The above occurs because machine learning tools are used to profile content and personalize user searches depending on their previous or constant activity.

Banks and their digital platforms

How long has it taken you the longest in a bank line? A lot, right? Well, examples of AI in everyday life have revolutionized this panorama.

Beyond the creation of digital banks, digital banking tools allow you to carry out procedures, open products, request loans, and check your account status, among many other activities that previously had to be done physically. In addition, banks are also incorporating AI tools such as chatbots and voice assistants, which are based on generative AI services and the latest LLMs.

Product Recommendation Systems in E-commerce

AI has played a very relevant role in improving the user experience in digital purchases. The technologies it produces make it possible to analyze user information. This, in turn, enables users to suggest relevant products based on previous purchases or searches, thanks to implementing a sophisticated product recommendation system. This is just one example of the uses of artificial intelligence in this field.

Although its possibilities are very broad, AI has definitely improved users’ search speed and the customer service experience of the businesses they visit.

Although its possibilities are very broad, AI has definitely improved users’ search speed and the customer service experience of the businesses they visit.

Video Games And Entertainment

Another example of artificial intelligence in everyday life is video games. The field they enter has changed a lot in recent years. This is intended to boost players’ capabilities and provide a more innovative experience. In this sense, augmented reality or machine learning are integrated.


Smartphones use AI in many ways, so you probably use it a few times daily with just one finger. Siri and Google Assistant are well-known mobile phone features that allow you to perform searches and requests by voice. In addition, the smart improvements made to “selfies” – what happens when you use the portrait mode on your iPhone – are made thanks to artificial intelligence, which identifies the appropriate focus.

Home automation and smart homes

Although these technologies are not accessible to everyone at the moment, they are becoming increasingly popular. Home automation allows you to program various functions that make the lives of the house inhabitants much easier. Examples of this are voice commands to turn on the lights and programming appliances at specific times, among others.

Smart cars

To finish our list of examples of AI in everyday life, we ​​must mention the very famous smart cars. These technological systems give them greater autonomy and allow the car to learn useful information when improving the driving experience. Some examples of this are parking systems, virtual assistants, and gasoline-saving systems, among others.

Final words

As you have seen, technology comprises all kinds of constantly evolving processes. Although there is still a long way to go for AI, today, we are witnessing great advances and creations, true and fundamental examples of AI in everyday life. So, we will continue to pay attention to the innovation and creativity that is to come.