LinkedIn Tips For Business Success – Must Follow Tricks

linkedin tips for business

LinkedIn is the go-to social platform for more and more people. The brand gets at least 80% of our customers out of it. What are our secrets? How do we ensure lead generation? I share our 10 most essential LinkedIn tips and tricks for business in this article.

Stick To One Central Message

As a person, you are versatile, and as an entrepreneur, it is no different. You may supply multiple target groups and sell various products or services. You also have an opinion on more subjects. Logical. But if you want to be successful on LinkedIn, it is good to limit yourself. Choose the main topic you want to send and respond to. That way, you create clarity and recognition in your message instead of confusion.

A Tip For Doing This:

Create a mood board about the topic you would like to share content about. Choose an overarching central theme and make sure everything you post fits with it, whichever angle you choose.

Go For Interaction: What You Give, You Get Back.

Karma: what you give, you get back. This golden rule also exists for your business and perhaps even more so for your social media channels. Sending alone is not enough. Make sure you are active on LinkedIn, including in responding to others. Be kind. Deliver value in your answers from your expertise and spend time on your network. Social media can no longer be ignored in our network routine. Certainly not since corona. So reserve an hour of your working day for this. It will pay off!

Dare To Stand For Something (Business)

Are you a gray mouse online and agree with everyone? Then people quickly scroll through. Sin! By charting your opinions on your main topic and standing up for an idea, you make a few enemies but many more friends. Strong positions increase your visibility. It generates attention, and you use it to address people who can identify with you and therefore would like to buy from you (often from recognition or a good feeling). And those few enemies, you keep them. The more you do this, the thicker your skin.

Strategy Helps!

Whether you have set it up very actively or used it unconsciously: strategy helps. Maybe you have an unconscious LinkedIn strategy; perhaps you’re tight on paper. However, you approach it: a process ensures that the effort you put in comes back to you and that you remain transparent in your approach and message. In this way, you also stay closest to yourself and the most authentic.

It would be best to choose a strategy that suits you and is achievable to apply it consistently.

Be consistent

Consistency is everything: with healthy eating, exercising, sleeping, at work, and certainly also in your presence on social media. Do you get stressed by the idea that you have to post 5 times a week? Then leave it. Start small, but make sure people know what to expect from you and when.

Responding and posting structurally for fifteen minutes a day ensures visibility and reliability among your followers. A social media break can be great for your peace of mind and quality of life. But make sure that you already prepare several posts. It is wise not to interrupt your social media cycle as an entrepreneur if it is not necessary.

Share Value For Your Target Audience

The single most important way to show yourself off is by delivering value. Always, in every post, in every comment, and every private message. Adding value from your field and expertise shows what you can do, what you stand for, and with that, you immediately help the reader a little further.

Don’t let that go, no matter how tempting it may be. Do not go for the most likes or viral posts, but choose your ideal customer. You do it for him or her. You do not jump every trend and everyone. Look at your perfect customer. By delivering value, people who appreciate that value come to you naturally. It’s the best way to engage in lead generation.

Show Your Personality

You are (an essential part of) your company. And people do business with people. That’s why a personal account works much better than a business account (use that purely as a business card, share from your private account). That also means that it works to your advantage if you show your personality, even on a business medium like LinkedIn.

Of course, you don’t have to share your dinner (or you have to have a good reason for it ;-)), but look back to that mood board from the first tip and add one or two personal items that suit your company. You are probably not the one who offers your service or product, but your personality is unique. And people are attracted to that. You want that group. These are your ideal customers, and your essence will convince you to do business with you.

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Tech Tips:

LinkedIn is developing considerably. For example, LinkedIn Creator Mode have recently been introduced. Also, possibilities to let that personality shine even more. Similarly, to enhance your LinkedIn experience and content presentation, use the Kleo browser extension for more dynamic interaction and engagement opportunities with your audience

Another Tips: 

Use video on LinkedIn. Many entrepreneurs do not yet do that, while LinkedIn likes it and rewards you with a greater reach. And people often stick with videos. Do you want to put yourself more in the picture? Turn on that video option. This can also be done in private messages. This is different from a written statement. 

Last Tips:

Never link to a YouTube video in your timeline. It is tempting, but LinkedIn (like any other platform) does not like to see you leave for a competitor and ensures that these messages are hardly shown. You may add a YouTube link to your profile without consequences. Still, want to use that video? Put the link (later) in a comment under your post.

Be Proactive And Use Your Network Optimally

Many people use LinkedIn as a broadcast channel, while LinkedIn has a robust search function. Would you like to get in touch with someone on your wishlist? Then see if you know someone in his or her network who can introduce you. Or are you looking for someone with a specific position? Then check your valuable contacts and whether they know someone like that. Ask for an introduction. Use the options available to expand your network qualitatively.

Learn Social Entrepreneurship

You are good at your profession; you know all about it. But entrepreneurship is more than that. Entrepreneurship is trusting, trying, and measuring your gut feeling. After a while, you will see exactly how much return you get from your LinkedIn posts and what works and what doesn’t.

Entrepreneurship is trusting, trying, and measuring your gut feeling.

In this era, social media is an essential way to create visibility, get in touch with your customers and potential customers. Develop yourself in this and dare to invest time and energy. If people don’t know you exist and what you do, they will never buy from you. So invest time in (learning to) entrepreneurship. You can enjoy this on LinkedIn as well as on all fronts of your company!