How To Make A Public Profile In Snapchat – Complete Guide To Follow in 2024

guide to make snapchat profile public

People enjoy sharing photos and videos incorporating Snapchat, making it a fascinating and enjoyable app. their profile can also be shared with anyone they choose in other apps like sharing their Snapchat ID on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, and many more, through which there is a greater chance of connecting with people.

Due to Snapchat, connecting to new people is an easy job. But now, Snapchat users aren’t able to share their photos and videos with anyone besides their friends, which is a bit frustrating because creating unique content and reaching a wider audience is the goal of many people nowadays.

Well, it is excellent news for every Snapchatter. Users also have the option of creating a public profile on Snapchat. Snaps aren’t just about sending them to your friends and creating streaks. With Snapchat’s public profile feature, you can now be recognized and known by many users around the globe.

In Snapchat, the public profile lets you share your content with other users, so they can follow you and discover new content. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other reasons why you should prefer a public Snapchat profile

What are the Benefits of Snapchat Public Profiles?

  • Users can get more discovered by many other users than their friends; they can see their content displayed on their profile.
  • Their profile can be subscribed to by more people; you can also get more customers if you’ve opened a business profile in a public profile
  • In a private profile, users can only share their content with their friends, whereas in a public profile, the content they share can be viewed by anyone with access to their profile.
  • Yellow tick marks will be given to them if they are verified on their profile near their ID name.
  • For your users to shop from your website, you have a shop option on your profile.
  • You can put your brand’s URL if you have a business account in your public profile for your users to visit the external links.
  • There is also a shop option on your profile for your users to see and shop from your website.

The above-listed points are some advantages of a public profile on Snapchat. We have now discussed the advantages of using the public profile on Snapchat. Now let’s talk about what you need to know to create a public profile.

What you Need to Know about Creating a Public Snapchat Profile

To proceed with creating a public profile, let’s first understand what requirements must be met.

Requirements For Public Profile

There are a few basic requirements for creating a public profile that needs to be fulfilled if you want to create a public profile; They are as below.

  • It is an essential requirement that you be 18 years old in order to enjoy these features.
  • It is recommended for Snapchat users to use the app for more than 24 hours after installation. (what??)
  • They must have at least one by-directional friend. In other words, they should have a friend who has sent them an add friend request, or they should have received one from the user themselves.

Following our understanding of the basic requirements, let’s move on to creating a public profile.

Creating a Public Profile

If you can fulfill all the requirements that are listed above, then you are ready to create a public profile. So let’s get started.

  • The first thing users will see when they open the Snapchat App is a variety of lenses to try, and on the top left corner, their profile icon (a bitmoji if the user has set one; otherwise, just a profile icon).

  • Then after opening it, they will see their bitmoji picture on the top, and below that, they will see three horizontal dots near add to spotlight(under spotlight and spot map option).

  • After clicking on that option, they will see pop-up options like; create a public profileand add to the story.” First, they have to choose create a public profile.”

  • Further, after selecting the create public profile” option, they will see another option to choose, which is get started.

  • Moreover, after choosing the option of create a public profile,they will see another confirmation pop-up option, createThey will be able to view the name of their account on the spotlight or snap map if they post a snap. In addition, any lenses they have made and marked researchable will also be displayed on their profile. 

  • Finally, after clicking on that option, their public profile is created.

It only takes a few minutes to create a Snapchat public profile; now, you can create a Snapchat Public business profile as well. But, first, let’s discuss in detail how to create and handle a public business profile.

Even for more details, you can explore the below video

Video Credit : Howtoapps Youtube Channel

How to Create and Manage Public Profiles on Snapchat for Businesses

Snapchat for business is a free online platform for businesses of all sizes. So first, let’s see how to create a business account, and then we will see how to manage it.

Creating a Snapchat Business Profile

Now, for creating a business profile, you need to follow some very simple steps: 

  • Users can log in to their account if they have, and if they are new to this app and haven’t used it, they must sign in from
  • After opening that site, they will have to click get started option in yellow color from the top right side of the page.
  • Then they will see the sign-up page(to create their first ad); users must fill in all the information on that page.
  • After signing in, they have created your profile successfully. 
  • Now they have to create their business profile by clicking the option “create a business profile.”  
  • Further, they can see a page welcome to ads manager. What is your business name?they have to fill in the details of that page like “business name”, “business Email”, and “your name.” then click the “next” option at the bottom.
  • Clicking on the “next” option, they will see another page, where do you do that page, they will have to fill in the details like “country,” “currency,” and “user’s phone number.”
  • Then on the next page, they will have select “what is their advertising goal.”

Having created your public business profile, you can now log in through Snapchat to handle your business account.
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How to manage a Snapchat business profile

After creating a business profile, you can manage it in the Snapchat app in simple steps: 

  • Considering managing Business profiles, users have to log in to their Business Profile ID
  • After logging in to their profile, they can set their bio(in 150 words) in their profile.
  • Then next, they have to select a particular category for which they have created a Business Profile.
  • In the next step, they have the option to keep a link to their business website on their Snapchat business profile.
  • Then moving further, in the next step, they have to select the city, state, and country in which they are doing business.
  • After filling in all the details, the user has to select the “create a profile.” option at the end.
  • Now their business profile has been created.
  • This was initial managing details of the newly created profile, now about in fact managing profile afterwords in the app.
  • Users can manage their profile through various options available to handle their Business profile on their profile page.
  • As a user’s account is created, they can now log in through the app; not compulsory from the website’s” business manager,” and upload videos and photos. 
  • In the app, they can also view performance insights. Additionally, you can also add your created lenses from the “lenses” of the profile matrix to your profile, and other users can see and use it.
  • Their subscribers can view their content in their subscribed section.

These were all about creating and managing business profiles on Snapchat.

If there is any issue, how to delete it?

Snapchat users can permanently delete their public accounts or business profiles if they no longer wish to keep them.

  • Open Snapchat and click on the profile pic in the top left corner, and the profile page will show up.
  • Now by scrolling down, they will see the “public account” option; after clicking on that, their public account will show up.
  • On the top right corner of their profile, they will see the symbol of settings; after clicking on that, they will be on the settings page.
  • After scrolling down that page, they will see the “delete public account” option. Click on that option.
  • Then they will get the last confirmation pop-up. After selecting the “delete” option on that pop-up, the account will be deleted permanently.

Using this method, Snapchat users can permanently delete their accounts.


Snapchat is a spectacular app; its users can display their skills by creating content and uploading it in videos and pictures. This way, users can reach more people to showcase their content, and equally beneficial for businesses as they can show their products, put a website shop link, and get benefits. Every size business of average to large scale can benefit from using the business profile of Snapchat for their enterprises. This app is also entering and fun for other users too.