Blog Title Ideas: More Than 199+ Marketing Blog Titles That Will Grab Your Attention!

funny blog title ideas

Did you already know your blog title for 75% determined whether someone reads your blog or not? Writing good blog title ideas is therefore very important if you want to get visitors to your blog continuously.

Continuously receiving visitors gives you peace and security throughout your entire company. If you do it the right way, you sell a product or service with your blog.

The visitors who come to your blog will automatically be added to your mailing list or become a new customer. Do you have no visitors or far too few visitors? Then let’s get started with your blog titles.

Why Are Blog Title Ideas So Important?

As I just mentioned, your blog title must stand out enormously. Just think about the fact that you will see different results when you type a keyword in Google. Your reader sees that too.

Your blog title must therefore stand out; it must stand out. It has to be funny, make someone curious or have a strange composition so that you have to click.

For example, a blog title like five tips for better blogging will not stand out. But a title like 9 Tips to Change from an Amateur to a Professional Blogger is already drawing much more attention.

If you feel like you’re an amateur right now, you want to change that and take action today.

So bring on those tips. Do you need to know how important it is to write good titles? 

How Do You Write Good Blog Titles Now?

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes; they are looking for information about a topic or a solution to a problem. What exactly are they looking for?

What do they want to achieve after reading more about this? Now try to come up with some funny titles, catch the eye, and make the other person curious.

Never make false promises because you will disappoint people. If your blog is the best 99+ blog titles that grab your attention, you have to give 99+ blog titles.

Otherwise, you will disappoint the reader. You want to prevent that.

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To Get Inspired

You may still find it quite challenging to write catchy titles. I understand that too well; sometimes, it helps me scroll through Google and wonder where I click on and what does not attract my attention.

Pinterest is another source of inspiration that also helps me a lot to come up with new blog titles. AI writing tool like HIX.AI is moreover a superb method to set the endless inspiration for blog ideas and titles

If your attention is drawn, you can be sure that your readers will also be attracted. Take advantage of the following blog titles so that you can always come up with something new.

199+ Blog Title Ideas As Inspiration 

  1. You want to know this before buying an online course
  2. Why I use WordPress for my blog (and you should too)
  3. 7 stupid mistakes that keep your blog from growing
  4. Your blog is not growing + here’s what you can do about it
  5. 5 simple writing tips that will make you write a new blog every day
  6. This is what successful bloggers do differently from amateurs
  7. 7… that you shouldn’t do as a blogger
  8. 5 things you don’t see good bloggers doing
  9. The simple rules that every blogger follows
  10. The problem of bloggers getting stuck is this (fix it now)
  11. Grow your blog in 7 simple steps
  12. Forget about blogging every day and focus on good SEO
  13. This is what’s getting in the way of your successful blogging career
  14. Do you want to continuously get customers with your blog? This is what to do now
  15. The best purchase you can make for your blog
  16. 7 smart tips to get higher in Google
  17. Will you be able to make a living from your blog? Follow this simple strategy
  18. This way you prevent the 10 most common blog mistakes  
  19. This is what you would rather not tell in your blog but should do !!
  20. SEO difficult: It no longer has to be the case
  21. No visitors? Why you should worry about this
  22. How much time do you spend on your internal SEO?
  23. If you do not address the pain points of your readers: you will miss out on sales
  24. 5 ways that free visitors are better than paid visitors
  25. How do you deal with these difficult blog terms?
  26. Why a monster blog is a great way to get higher in Google
  27. These tricks have made me a successful blogger
  28. The fastest way to get higher in Google
  29. SEO tricks that you can get started with today
  30. The great secret of professional bloggers revealed. 
  31. What would you do if someone wanted to buy your blog?
  32. Blogging part-time? This is how you do that
  33. The fastest way to write 3 blogs in 1 day
  34. 21 WordPress Tricks Every Blogger Should Know
  35. How do you make quotes for your blog?
  36. Are you an amateur or a professional blogger: Take the test
  37. How do you get readers to read your blog?
  38. The best blogging tools that save you a lot of time
  39. How do you connect Pinterest and your blog?
  40. These marketing tips will not help your blog at all
  41. How do you get people on your mailing list through your blog
  42. Getting customers through your blog? This is how you do that
  43. From reader to customer: These are the 4 steps you have to go through
  44. How do you earn extra with your blog (with a valuable offer)
  45. 7 tips to help you write better blogs
  46. These are the top 25 titles for your next blog (now you have to click)
  47. Twitter and blogging a good combination?
  48. How can you write blogs for other popular blogs?
  49. How do you become a much sought-after guest blogger?
  50. Is blogging a hobby or a career
  51. These are the most successful bloggers 
  52. How do you make your blog your work?
  53. This way you prevent negative spam comments on your blog
  54. The best plug-in to prevent spam comments
  55. The worst 10 blog blunders you want to prevent 100%
  56. How do you protect your blog against cyber attacks
  57. Is your blog not getting visitors? This is how you do something about this
  58. Why blogger use FB groups to get more traffic
  59. 15 tips to get more comments on your blog
  60. 10 reasons why you don’t make good money with your ads
  61. Shockingly, starting your own blog is one of the cheapest endeavors
  62. Shocking: You have spent so much on your blog + this is how much I get
  63. 5 Mistakes I Made While Writing My Ebook
  64. Blogging better with WordPress, Elementor or Wix?
  65. As a blogger, should you start a podcast?
  66. As a blogger, do you have to be active on social media?
  67. These are the tools that professional bloggers use
  68. Never lose your lyrics again: This is how I do it
  69. The best WordPress plugins every blogger should use
  70. This is how you turn your blog into an SEO blog
  71. Why are infographics an addition to your blog?
  72. Do you need to backup your blog or is this automatic?
  73. Free blogging a good idea?
  74. Why I chose WordPress?
  75. Writing blogs with your smartphone or with your laptop?
  76. This way you publish your blog posts SEO proof
  77. Have you chosen a blog topic that gives you a passive income?
  78. This way your blog will be shared more on social media
  79. 15 tips for turning your readers into new customers
  80. 25 Tips Every Blogger Should Know
  81. This way you sell your digital products for a higher price
  82. You didn’t know this about making money with your blog
  83. What’s the Difference Between Good and Bad Bloggers?
  84. 10 stories from Dutch professional bloggers
  85. The 3 biggest myths about blogging
  86. That way you become a real SEO guru
  87. Listen to the best blogging tip ever shared
  88. The 10 Best Marketing Blogs You Should Read
  89. Why are there so many bloggers?
  90. Are you a lazy blogger who just can’t get ahead?
  91. Summer advantage: This is how you give your blog a makeover
  92. Have you set up a professional blog?
  93. 25 tips from other professional bloggers
  94. This is how you make videos for every blog post
  95. Find out what these 25 bloggers do differently than you!
  96. The ideal blog is set up like this: are you already doing this?
  97. This way you can create a blog calendar for the whole year in an hour
  98. How do you make your own professional photos for your blog
  99. These companies get a bizarre amount of visitors through their blog
  100. Impress your readers 20x
  101. Where can you find the best free images for your blog?
  102. These are the websites I use for my blog images, infographics and pins. 
  103. The best sites for free images for your blog
  104. Start your SEO blog today (follow this step-by-step plan)
  105. Get more clicks from your mailing list
  106. The ultimate guide to making your first $1000 online
  107. Ready-made website templates for WordPress: this is how you use them
  108. Quiz: Are you a professional blogger or not?
  109. Accelerate your blog growth with the following 20 tips
  110. The secret to protecting your blogs 
  111. 3 blogging platforms and why I am not a fan of 2 platforms
  112. Blogging for free or not? This is my advice
  113. Free tools for bloggers who want to get more traffic
  114. 7 Best Ways to Sell Your First Course Online
  115. Golden tips for bloggers who want to earn more
  116. How do you stop spam comments on your blog?
  117. You should know this before starting a blog
  118. If you’ve never written a blog before, start with this foundation course
  119. Follow this basic course and write great blogs in no time
  120. 9 tips to become visible as a blogger
  121. This way you make online business more fun and easier
  122. The best weapon against writer’s block
  123. The best blog courses tested (don’t follow number 2)
  124. How to start your own blog for free
  125. Want to work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection?
  126. Long loading time, then these are things you should check
  127. How to automate all your work and free up your hands
  128. Blogging faster? Then follow this method
  129. The Ten Best Plugins Every Blogger Needs
  130. Want to make original photos for your blog? Then use this tool
  131. Get more out of your keywords by doing this
  132. Pimp your entire blog in ten minutes
  133. This is a handy trick to always have inspiration for your next blog
  134. Blogging safely? This is how you secure your domain
  135. Do you write only for your reader or for everyone?
  136. The Four Worst Marketing Courses to Take
  137. The best bloggers of the moment (these are their secrets)
  138. This way you follow your favorite bloggers and you get notified of new blogs
  139. How do you make your blogs findable in Google’s playground
  140. This way you can easily double your visitors (3 strategies tested)
  141. Avoid these blog blunders
  142. Do you view your data? This is why you should
  143. The golden rules to make your texts more exciting
  144. If you want more registrations for your mailing list, use your blog
  145. The best blogging lessons from the past three years collected for you
  146. How do you make your blog a success within 12 months?
  147. Do you already use the 80/20 rule for your blog?
  148. That way your readers will share your blog
  149. How I got 50+ registrations for my mailing list in 1 day
  150. 21 Things You Need To Do This Month To Get More Customers
  151. 5 reasons why no one is sharing your blog
  152. This is the golden rule to pimp your blogs
  153. This is how you turn your readers into new customers
  154. Do you have 3 minutes? Then you have to take action to save your blog
  155. Write the best content with the following tools
  156. Never run out of content ideas through this calendar again.
  157. Duplicate content is a danger to your blog: this is how you check your blog
  158. Do you have a good blog: This test shows you
  159. What kind of blogger are you (7 different types of bloggers)
  160. Wait a minute with your purchase: This is how you make the right decision
  161. Forget you made mistakes: This is how you reanimate your blog
  162. Long blogs writing a good idea? That’s how you make it interesting
  163. What topic have you chosen for your blog? Does it suit you?
  164. Dealing with your own doubts: this is how you write your first blog
  165. This is how you deal with negative reactions
  166. Fight spam: you need this plug-in
  167. If only I had known that before, avoid these blog errors
  168. Blog mistakes you don’t want to make
  169. Don’t do these things if you are really serious about your blog
  170. Why bloggers are always promoting this and you should too
  171. You will miss out on sales if you do not promote this on your blog
  172. 25 Marketing Tricks From Professional Bloggers You Should Use Too
  173. 25 tricks to get more readers to your blog
  174. 7 courses that helped me become a professional blogger
  175. What do your texts say about your blog success
  176. Have you chosen a blog topic with which you earn a passive income?
  177. The best things you can do for your blog + the worst things
  178. How to get the most out of SEO
  179. What are the good qualities of successful bloggers?
  180. Dangerous mistakes that will kill your blog success
  181. The 3 worst words you should avoid in your blogs
  182. Increase expert status? Then don’t make these mistakes
  183. Pinterest tips to help you get more traffic 
  184. How Pinterest and Google bring me more than 20,000 visitors every month
  185. How can you blog cheaply?
  186. 4 ways that will keep your readers coming back for more
  187. This is how you turn your readers into new fans
  188. The day I took Google Adsense off my blog and made more than ever
  189. Advertise or your own products? What do you earn more from
  190. 9 skills every blogger needs to start a successful international blog
  191. Little time to write your blog (here’s what to do)
  192. My top 7 hacks to come up with a new blog in 10 minutes
  193. 10 things you do that won’t get you visitors (stop today)
  194. Healthy habits of bloggers who write new blogs every day
  195. 5 steps to avoid making a mess of your blog
  196. 6 skills you need to stand out with your website
  197. Sell ​​your own products or promote products as an affiliate?
  198. How do you start your own blog with a small budget?
  199. Are you not a writer? This is how you start your own blog
  200. 15 blogs you should write (even if you don’t write about blogging)

This Is How You Let People Click On Your Blog With Catchy Heading 

Using good blog titles is therefore essential to stand out from the many results in Google. The title determines for 75% whether someone clicks on your blog or not.

That is why you have to make readers curious, make them think, or make them laugh. Make time to think up your blog titles and go through these examples if you don’t remember.