Building Connections: 15 Steps to Grow Your Social Media Marketing Network

Building Connections

Building a strong connections network is essential for the success of your social media marketing efforts. By connecting with the right people and building relationships, you can expand your reach, increase engagement, and drive more traffic to your business. Here are 15 steps to help you grow your social media marketing network:

1. Start by Thanking Your Followers

When you’re doing social media networking work, your followers are the most important people to you, and they will determine if your marketing projects are successful or not. Show those people that you appreciate them by posting messages of gratitude, and consider offering a giveaway just for them.

2. Schedule Posts that are relevant to the Time of Year

Scheduling posts to go up on your social media account keeps the account active and in the minds of your followers. Think about upcoming holidays and events and create scheduled posts to go up on special days. Many social media marketing tools can make it easier to schedule posts, so you don’t have to change your schedule based on when you want a post to go live. 

3. Find Ways of Making the Social Media Account Personal

The more personal your account is, the deeper people will connect with it. Find small things that you can do to make the account personal, such as highlighting an employee or sharing a story related to the brand’s history.

4. Take Time to Interact with Followers

Interact with your followers and help them know that real people are behind your account. When someone asks a question, respond to them, and highlight comments that positively talk about your brand. Make sure also address any customer problems in your comment section. Responding positively to negative feedback leaves a good impression on consumers. 

5. Make Sure Your Account is About More Than Your Company

You will bore your followers if all that you post about is your brand. Share posts that have nothing to do with your brand to keep your followers entertained. Make sure these align with your brand’s values and are not offensive. 

6. Share Content Created by Others

When you boost others and highlight what they have posted, they may return the favor and help your brand. Make positive connections by sharing posts from other social media pages. Engage in earned media from followers and ask if you can reshare their content on your page. 

7. Create Entertaining Content

When trying to get people to watch a video your company posts on social media,entertaining video will draw in more people than a simple advertisement. Create humorous, fun content that happens to mention your company in it, which is worthy of being shared by your followers.

Incorporating entertaining content is crucial as poor-quality or unengaging material can deter customers from your brand, leading to decreased loyalty and potential attrition. Seeing the impact that content has on business success, many business owners opt to outsource their content creation and digital marketing needs to SEO companies. These best SEO companies in Sweden, for instance, assist businesses in crafting engaging and shareable content that effectively promotes their brand on various social media platforms.

8. Make Sure Your Social Media Accounts are Consistent with One Another

If you have multiple social media accounts, avoid confusion by making sure that they look similar and share messages that fit with one another.

9. Consider Hosting Meaningful Contests

If you need help naming a product, create a contest on your social media page. If you are looking to gain followers, create a contest for that. You can create contests that benefit your brand and excite your followers.

10. Respond When Customers Reach Out

Those who interact with brands on social media expect to get responses right away, and you should ensure they hear back from your brand promptly.

11. Build a Group of People Willing to Share Your Social Media Account’s Posts

As you connect with people via social media, figure out who will share your posts and who would love to collaborate with you and help your page grow.

12. Create Quick Links to Social Media on Your Website

It is important for those who go to your company’s website to have an easy way of accessing your social media accounts. Set up links that take them right to your pages.

13. Learn About Your Followers and What They Want

The better that you know your followers, the easier it will be for you to create content that is relevant to them. You can also use a tool like Jotform Poll Maker to find out more about your target audience

14. Post Regularly

A social media account does nothing for your company if it is inactive. Keep your brand in the minds of consumers by posting regularly. Post when your followers are most active, and keep posts to a minimum of two per day. 

15. Avoid Posting Anything that Might be Offensive

Stay away from controversial topics when making social media posts. Everyone has their views, and it is best to stay quiet versus offending followers with beliefs different from yours.


Social media grows a brand when you focus on building real connections. Interact with followers in ways meaningful to them and beneficial to your company. Create engaging posts consistently and always keep a positive attitude online. Use your social media as an opportunity to provide great customer service and continue to foster a relationship with your fan base.