Campaign Budgeting Tools: Managing and Allocating Budgets in SEM

Welcome to our blog on campaign budgeting tools! Managing budgets effectively is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing campaign. This blog will explore the importance of utilizing campaign budgeting tools to streamline your budget allocation, track spending, and optimize your return on investment (ROI). Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, understanding how to leverage these tools can significantly impact your campaigns’ success. Join us as we dive into the world of campaign budgeting tools and discover strategies to maximize your marketing efforts while keeping a close eye on your budget. Let’s get started!

What Is Campaign Management?

Campaign management organizes and runs each campaign step, from planning to execution. Implementing good campaign management practices is crucial for teams to navigate the dizzying amount of work that goes into every campaign. Balancing and keeping track of the necessary planning materials is hard enough. Still, when you start working on the campaign itself, you’re inundated with creative assets, feedback, and deadlines. By the time the campaign goes live, you’ve spent countless hours trying to organize and streamline everything. It can be truly daunting.

A bounty of campaign management tools can help you keep your materials in check, increase your chances of project success, and assist you in executing a flawless campaign. To help you understand the options on the market, we’ve broken down some of our favorite campaign management tools into free and paid categories. We’ve also split the tools into specific categories to simplify things. Let’s dive.

Best Campaign Budgeting Tools

In this title, we will introduce you to a curated list of the top campaign budgeting tools available in the market. These tools have been selected based on their features, ease of use, and ability to streamline your budgeting process. Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing professional, or an agency, finding the right campaign budgeting tool can significantly impact your campaign’s success. Join us as we explore these top-rated tools and learn how they can help you optimize your budget allocation, track spending, and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI). Get ready to discover the best campaign budgeting tools to empower you to control your marketing finances and drive impactful results. Let’s dive in!


Hive is a comprehensive all-in-one project and campaign management tool – the only tool you need to open in the morning to complete your work. Hive takes project management to the next level with native chat, native email, over 1,000 integrations, and flexible project views, which include Gantt, Kanban, calendar, portfolio, and table view.

The building blocks of Hive are action cards, which exist inside larger projects. Inside these action cards, teams can upload files, provide feedback with proofing and approvals, tag each other, or provide general commentary. Teams at all-star companies like Starbucks, Uber, and Google work in Hive. Here you can learn more about the app’s full list of features.


Free 14-day trial. Hive Teams pricing starts at $12 per user per month.


Trello is a great option for small teams or individuals seeking a simple project management tool. The tool is Kanban board-based, a project management methodology started by an industrial engineer in the 40s. Cards are the basics of Trello, which you can organize into different phases on the board.

You can also color-code and attach images or files to the cards and invite team members to collaborate on a board with you for a more interactive experience. One major negative with Trello is that each board only corresponds to one project, so if you want to create two bigger projects, you must make two boards.


Free for basic, or $9.99 per user for Business Class monthly


Todoist is one of the simplest productivity apps that allows you to group tasks based on projects, and you can filter by tags, which you can color code.

A favorite Todoist feature is its “Karma.” Karma is its way of productivity, so you keep using the app. It assigns points to tasks you complete. View your Karma in the top right-hand corner of your app.


Todoist is free for basic personal accounts and supports up to 80 active projects and five people per project. The premium version, which offers extra features and more projects/people, is $28.99 annually.


Asana is a leading project management system created by one of Facebook’s founders and easily ranks among the top visually appealing project management tools. Used by creatives and teams worldwide, Asana’s dynamic format and design keep users engaged and active on the platform. Asana helps people and teams increase overall accountability and improve communication.


Pricing starts at $10.99 per month when billed annually.


Casual is a unique project and campaign management tool that helps teams visualize tasks and ideas into easy-to-understand workflows. This tool works well for people new to the project management scene who want a simple, visual tool. Casual’s other features include sub-processes, templates, milestone measurement, and deliverable tracking.


Pricing starts at $9 a month for up to 2 users.


Quorum is a campaigning tool built to help campaigns, NGOs, political parties, and unions organize their teams and actions on the ground. In other words, it helps them organize and engage their community of supporters. Quorum is also used by corporations planning to launch powerful and targeted campaigns locally or on the field, and that wish to manage teams of local ambassadors.

The web platform and mobile app help push information and actions to local ambassadors, centralize the information collected by the ambassadors on the field, and, for the most advanced campaign, target priority areas based on the profile function in Quorum.


Free demo upon request, starts from $65/month.


Newoldstamp helps you promote your company using email signature marketing. Personalize calls-to-action in every email your team sends to increase brand awareness and improve CTR rates. Your email outreach can rise with this type of marketing, leading to more leads for the business!

Regarding features, with the email Signatures Central Management, you have complete control over the company email signatures. You can request a custom generator that will be tailored to your requirements. Your email signature marketing campaigns are fully branded and include features like centralized dashboard management.


The package prices are based on how many employees you have, starting from $6.


This powerhouse company provides an array of CRM, marketing automation, and analytics tools. Before Salesforce was founded in 1999, companies often had to build their own CRM tools in-house, which was expensive and time-consuming.

Salesforce outsourced that process and exists on a cloud that anyone can access. The tool is very customizable and can be used for many things, including tracking lifecycle leads and customer journeys throughout a campaign. Using a tool like Salesforce also helps address successes or any issues you’re running into during the campaign so you can make the necessary tweaks.


The Pricing of Salesforce starts at $25 per user per month for use by teams of 10 and goes up to $300 per user per month.


BIGContacts CRM offers a comprehensive range of business solutions, including contact management, pipeline tracking, and marketing automation. It allows you to track all tasks, contacts, and emails in one place, helping boost overall productivity and manage campaigns seamlessly. You can use BIGContacts to craft automated email sequences based on customer journeys and preferences.

The tool lets you generate reports to stay updated with business performance and make better decisions. Moreover, it integrates with various solutions, including Mailchimp, Emma, Active Campaign, etc. BIGContacts can also help schedule automated reminders so you never miss important deadlines.


BIGContacts offers plans ranging from $5/user/month to $25/user/month based on the required functionality. A custom-priced enterprise plan is also available.


The EngageBay CRM tool is designed specifically for small businesses and startups. It’s a great option for those who are just starting and need something easy to use and affordable. One of the best features of EngageBay is that it integrates with many other tools, including G Suite, Zapier, and social media.

EngageBay is an interesting all-in-one CRM tool that provides much value for the price. It offers lead management, email marketing, event management, SMS marketing, and many other features that can improve your campaign performance. It’s also considered to be one of the best push notification services.


There is a free-forever plan with limited but essential features, and monthly pricing for the other plans ranges from $12.99 to $99, depending on the features you need.


We like Streak as a CRM and campaign management tool because it’s front and center in your inbox — it brings your leads into your email and automatically captures data from emails. You can customize your flow however you want or use one of the app’s “flavors” or templates.

On top of the CRM, you get email tracking, mail merge, reminders, scheduling, and many more features that make it easy to plan and track the leads that have come through a campaign.


You can track up to 200 emails per month for free, or pay a premium of $49 or $99 per month for more features and usage.


Zoho is another great web-based CRM option that is great for lead tracking, purchase control and pipeline management. This tool automates sales tasks, including leads, prospects and account management, and also easily connects to Google Apps, MailChimp, Microsoft Outlook, and Quick Books.


It starts at $12 per user per month and goes up to $35 per users per month.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a basic marketing and analytics tool that is absolutely necessary for businesses who have a digital presence. After you’ve hooked your website up to Google Analytics, you can easily track visitors and parse in a variety of ways, including by if they’re new users, their source, and if they’ve made a purchase.

Custom dashboards are a great way to save views for individual campaigns.


Free, premium enterprise starting at $150,000

SE Ranking

A perfect campaign management tool is one where you can complete all tasks in one dashboard. SE Ranking is an easy-to-use SEO platform that includes all needed tools for digital marketers to run strategic SEO campaigns and increase search presence. Staying on top of the latest Google ranking factors is complicated, but this tool will make sure your content doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Simply start a new project and review your website’s current ranking positions, find your target keywords, see the state of your competition, and check your technical optimization regarding page speed, broken links, and other issues. SE Ranking also offers white-label reports to track your progress and measure results.

On top of that, you can connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console in the SE Ranking dashboard to get insights about organic traffic to see and evaluate the full picture of your SEO campaign.


SE Ranking’s paid plans start from $39/month for one user and go up to $189/month for up to 10 users + White Label.


Acoustic is a great campaign management tool because it allows you to break down audience and program insights in an accessible and east-to-digest way. With their Acoustic Campaign offering, you can build out campaigns in the tool itself corresponding to a seasonal or quarterly launch. Plus, the in-app analytics make it easy to assess how well you’ve done and alter the program should you need.

Pricing: Acoustic doesn’t list their prices publicly.


Domo is a comprehensive analytics and data visualization tool that can quickly provide valuable business insights. With this tool, you can connect data from over 1,000 sources and parse through a variety of apps that can be custom coded.

Think of Domo as Google Analytics on steroids — a fully customizable dashboard with all of your business’ data that can help you make informed campaign adjustments and decisions. Domo is also available for mobile, so you can garner insights on-the-go.


Pricing starts at $95 per user per month for 5 users.

 Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a great tool for teams looking to get enhanced insight into how people are interacting with their website. With this tool, you can view heat maps of your website to see where people are clicking and how users are converting over time.

With Crazy Egg, you can use their 30 day trial by simply inputting your site details and generating and generating quick website heatmaps. These can help you understand the basics of how your site is functioning, which is crucial for anyone who is running campaigns and hoping to optimize landing pages as much as possible. To learn about other website analytics tools specifically, check out this broader list by Leadfeeder.

Pricing: Crazy Egg’s basic version starts at $24 per month.

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Mixpanel is a website analytics tool that is focused on event tracking, rather than page view tracking, which is what Google Analytics is based on. Events can be a range of things, including purchases, button click, or a video view. Aside from that major difference with Google Analytics, Mixpanel can also process data at an increased speed.

You can also use Mixpanel to build in-app customer messages and push notifications, which can be valuable if you’re mobile-app focused.


There’s a basic free version; more advanced versions start at $89 monthly.


If you work with an eCommerce business, it’s crucial to stay on top of eCommerce trends and use that knowledge to run ad campaigns across multiple channels. Optimized product feeds are the foundation to any successful PPC campaign — but how do you keep track of all of this data to optimize campaigns in the first place?

With DataFeedWatch you can create fully optimized product feeds based on your existing data and then send them to the channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It’s a perfect eCommerce monitoring and tracking tool to manage the performance of thousands of products across multiple channels.


Pricing plans begin at $59/month for 1000 products and scale up from there.


Databox is a business analytics software built to give your entire team and stakeholders real-time access to performance data. With over 70 integrations, 300+ prebuilt report templates, and an exhaustive list of useful features, such as scheduled report snapshots, KPI alerts, KPI scorecards, and KPI calculations, to name a few, this powerful tool saves you time on analysis and reporting.


Databox offers both a freemium plan and paid plan. Paid plans start at $72/month for 5 users.


DashThis is a marketing analytics dashboard tool that makes it easier for teams to track KPIs. You can create a dashboard, generate a shareable link, and allow your team to have a single source of truth to check on all marketing campaigns & KPIs in one place.

It has native integrations with popular marketing tools across every major channel. For example, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, and more.

It has a bunch of ready-made templates that make it quick to get started, and the drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to customize.


DashThis plans start from $33/month (paid annually), or $39/month (paid monthly) for 3 dashboards. Pricing scales up for more features, and more dashboards.

Magento 2 Advanced Reports

E-commerce businesses benefit from live data tracking the efficiency of work processes. Magento 2 Advanced Reports extension by Mageplaza equips your site with a tracker that can provide you with detailed reports in an engaging real-time dashboard.

Magento 2 provides you with advanced reports, ranging from conversion funnels and repeat customer rates to abandoned carts and sales by reports. These reports collect data from customers, orders, sales, and products on a regular basis so you can track everything from repeat customers to subscription payment plan churn.

You can also filter report elements, search custom report periods, and view data as a chart for better comparison. The dashboard layouts are customizable and use an easy drag-and-drop format for editing. Whether you’ve just started to build an eCommerce website or have been running your online store for years, these dashboards are impactful for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Magento 2 Advanced Reports has three subscription plans starting at $99/year.


In conclusion, we have explored a variety of top-notch campaign budgeting tools that can revolutionize how you manage your marketing budgets. These tools offer advanced features, intuitive interfaces, and powerful functionalities to streamline your budget allocation process, track spending, and optimize your ROI. By leveraging these best campaign budgeting tools, you can make informed decisions, ensure efficient resource allocation, and maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns. Remember to assess your needs and consider budget size, campaign complexity, and reporting requirements when selecting the right tool for your business. With the help of these top-rated tools, you can take control of your campaign budgets and propel your marketing efforts to new heights of success. Start exploring these best campaign budgeting tools today and unlock the potential to achieve your marketing goals while maintaining financial stability.


What are campaign budgeting tools?

Campaign budgeting tools are software or online platforms that help businesses and marketers manage their marketing budgets effectively. These tools provide features such as budget allocation, spending tracking, forecasting, and performance analysis to optimize campaign spending.

How do campaign budgeting tools help improve ROI?

Campaign budgeting tools enable businesses to track and analyze their campaign expenses in real time. By having a clear overview of budget allocation and spending patterns, marketers can make data-driven decisions, optimize their budget distribution, and allocate resources to the most effective channels. This ultimately leads to better ROI by eliminating wasted spend and maximizing the impact of marketing efforts.

Can campaign budgeting tools integrate with other marketing platforms?

Yes, many campaign budgeting tools offer integrations with various marketing platforms and tools such as advertising platforms, CRM systems, analytics tools, and project portfolio management software. These integrations enable seamless data flow and provide a comprehensive overview of campaign performance and budget allocation across multiple channels.

How can campaign budgeting tools benefit small businesses?

Campaign budgeting tools are particularly beneficial for small businesses as they often have limited resources and must make every marketing dollar count. These tools help small businesses monitor and control their campaign spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and allocate resources strategically to drive the best possible results within their budget constraints.

Are campaign budgeting tools suitable for all types of campaigns?

Campaign budgeting tools can be used for various marketing campaigns, including digital advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, email campaigns, and more. Regardless of the campaign type, these tools provide valuable insights into budget management, allowing marketers to optimize their spending and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.