Reasons Why Your Cold Sales Emails Get Ignored and Caught in the Spam

Cold Sales Emails Get Ignored

Practicing the opportunity to craft personalized and appealing sales emails for your targeted customers is an imperative action that helps you to stimulate new business. But how many receivers read the mail you send? One of the facts is that most of the sales emails land up in a spam filter. 

Are you facing a low open rate issue with your sales emails? Then it’s pretty likely that your emails aren’t making it to the inbox. It’s no wonder that it will land in the spam. Most senders wonder,

“Why does their email land in the spam box instead of the right position?”

Furthermore, even though you don’t ask people to share their bank details or sell things, the report shows that more than 6% of marketing and sales emails get tackled as spam. Even though the sender expresses approval to integrate with them, more than 10% of emails close in spam and are circumvented due to trivial purposes.

It’s found that the average global inbox placement has risen by 5% this year. The improvement was consistent throughout the year; the inbox placement increased every quarter of the reported period. The significant growth is measured during the second quarter of 2018. The number is estimated to increase by 7% over the same period of the year.

Sometimes the applicants forward the emails to the spam box. However, those emails become spam before your shoppers eternally see them. But you can circumvent it by learning how your sales emails are sent to spam. Then, you can retaliate.

Explore The Basics of Sales Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective sales strategy. It simply means sending emails to targeted customers. Engaging and attractive email helps you convert your customers into leads and often shoppers into loyal customers in no time. You need to build an email list to leverage excellent results. Before developing an email strategy, you need to answer a few of the questions:

  • How to produce an engaging list to drive targeted purchasers?
  • How to optimize your email open rate?
  • How can you automate the method of improving your purchase?

There is much more which you have to get an answer to get the desired result from your sales email marketing.

Five Reasons: Emailing Too Many People at Once

Email marketing is one of the most considered and effective methods to interact with your targeted audience. You can use emails for multiple purposes. For example: if you have a grocery delivery business, you can use it to create awareness about new products, offers, and much more. It also helps you introduce your grocery business to a wide range of customer bases in a short time. But sometimes, your mail gets ignored and is sent to a spam box.

If you are looking for valuable and effective ways to help avoid such a situation, it becomes essential to know why it’s transferred to spam. So explore the top 5 reasons right below to know how you can eliminate your sales email from getting spammed and ignored.

Including Too Many Images

You might be thinking of including multiple images of your restaurant business logo design, images of the menu list, mouth-watering dishes, etc. Undoubtedly sharing images is the best way for sales information, but including so many images can make it a berth in the spam box. Additionally, email providers can’t read multiple images; hence they get caught by the spam filters and land there.

Poor Formatting

Today it becomes essential for entrepreneurs to provide the best experience as it is revolutionizing steadily. To meet the demand for experience revolution, it becomes essential for you to focus on improving the look and feel of your email. 

However, the strategy also helps you to eliminate it from getting caught by spam filters. Make sure that your email looks and feels the same on every device because if you don’t, the inbox provider will consider it spam.

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Plan & Implement Reward Email Campaign 

Sending an email to customers is the best way to attract customers; sometimes, you can send them personalized reward mail. But make sure to focus on its formatting and image integration as well. Undoubtedly sending personalized reward mail is an effective way to improve the response rate. Moreover, it helps you with the customer base and sales development, providing the best result in no time.

Talking About Yourself Too Much

Talking about your delivery brand, again and again, can make you lose your reputation. If you avoid keeping track of email deliverability, then you can lose various opportunities. For example, you can lose how your recipients interact with emails; you can lose the ability to interact with customers and make them loyal to your brand by regularly utilizing an SPF record checker, you can maintain a strong email deliverability reputation, ensuring that you don’t miss out on valuable insights into recipient interactions and the opportunity to foster customer loyalty..

Lack of Personalization

Offering a personalized experience to customers has become mandatory for businesses these days. So no matter whether you have planned to make a grocery app, design graphics, or send an email, it would be better to focus on offering a personalized experience. Hence make sure to provide a personalized experience to customers all the time.

A single email address is not the end of your delivery business. Of course, you might love to reach more customers. But without personalizing content, sending emails to multiple receivers is useless. It’s just like providing tasteless dishes or qualityless groceries. Hence it would be easy if you focused on writing a personalized email.

Pro Tips to Improve Your Sales Email Open Rates and Responses

Increasing open rates and responses is undoubtedly a challenging process. It would be better to develop an email marketing campaign effectively; it will help you achieve your desired result in no time. If your open rates and responses are low, you can try the below ways to improve them.

  • Use a reliable email finder;
  • Manage email list;
  • Portion up your list;
  • Build strategy keep the focus on your crafted list;
  • Eliminate Spam Filters;
  • The right time is critical to success;
  • Craft engaging subject and content body;
  • Develop unique content that stands out;
  • Craft email for individual Prospects;
  • Draft like if you are communicating to a closer person;
  • Craft engaging lines to convey to customers. 

Many more ways to help you improve your sales email open rates and responses. Just choose the right option and leverage the desired result in no time.


Jumping into an email marketing campaign blindly can make you land directly in the spam box. Hence while crafting sales emails and sending them to customers, make sure to consider the above-listed points. But you need to understand that the list doesn’t end here; there are many more ways that you can consider to enjoy the desired result from your email campaign.