Colors That Sell :10 Best Colors To Sell Your Stuff More

color that sell

Colors convey sensations, which is why companies must ensure that their corporate image and logo are in sync with their values. Red is the color of power, blue is relaxing, and orange is related to energy The Colors play a key role in building a brand image and selling more products. People are visual creatures, and if they try to sell us elegance and distinction with colors like pink or yellow, few of us will take the bait. This article explores the list of best colors that sell more if you run your tiny multi-place business.

We propose a review of the different colors with the values associated with them, which are not always so obvious.

Color values: Red


Red is the color of power . Attracts and holds people’s attention. In addition, it is the color of sensuality and sex, of blood and danger. It is the most used color in marketing . So don’t overdo it!

Color values: Blue


Blue is a relaxing color , it transmits calm and confidence. It is the color of the sky and the water. Humans distinguish more shades of blue than any other color, so depending on the shade used, the results will be very different. The darker tones represent elegance, success and authority; the clearest, youth and freshness.

Color values: Green


Green represents nature , that is why it is used to transmit environmental values . Green is also the color of good health and good intentions. It is very versatile, it is always pleasant and transmits good vibes. If you’re not sure what color to choose, it’s hard to go wrong with green.

Color values: Yellow


Yellow is a risky color to make a logo. On the one hand, it is very bright and eye-catching and it is the color of joy, light, curiosity and happiness. On the other hand, it can also be associated with cowardice, bad luck, and mistrust. It tends to work best as a complementary color, but if yellow is used as a corporate color and done well, the brand is sure to stand out from the crowd. Choosing colors is perhaps one of the most important things in logo creation

Color values: Orange


The orange is pure energy . It is widely used in the promotion of sporting goods , energy drinks, and vitamins. Used in other areas, it is associated with youth and innovation. The problem is that orange is being abused to make up traditional companies to make them look young and confident, so it no longer has the magical rejuvenation effect that it once offered.

Color values: Lilac


It is the color of royalty, mystery, and spirituality. Feminist movements have also adopted it , transferring their values ​​to it. In any case, it is elegant and, at the same time, a cold and warm color. A touch of lilac adds prestige to corporate materials. If it is used as the main color there is a risk of being associated with feminine values.

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Color values: Pink


Flowers, strawberry gum, unicorns… Pink is the color of childhood, femininity and innocence. It is a color that attracts young girls, it is bright, playful and cheerful. It is closely associated with the female world, which is not very useful for attracting men, but lately it is gaining strength, perhaps because of how striking it is.

Don’t forget that there are always exceptions to the rule. In some countries like Thailand, pink is a masculine color . Men wear pink and buy pink accessories for cell phones and laptops. Even taxis are pink!

Color values: Brown


It is the color of earth and wood. It conveys simplicity and warmth . It is the color that we are most used to seeing and that makes it the least striking of all. It is used by well established companies and many in the construction sector and the legal field, because it conveys simplicity, neutrality and warmth .

Color values: White


It is the universal color of peace and purity. Since it is often confused with the background, it is almost always used in negative space.

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Color values: Black


Elegant and simple. Black is a very versatile color , suitable for both traditional and modern companies. If used to contrast with another color , it tends to dramatize the sensations that our color brings.

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