Is It Possible to DIY Web Design?

diy web design

You are in danger if you have not created a website for your small business or start-up. Web designing is crucial for the existence of your business existence. Hence, the significance of designing a site by a professional should never be ignored. If you own a small business and are concerned about the hefty investment, then you can relax. You can consider affordable pricing option as offered by digital marketing firms in the form of pay monthly websites

Whatever the size of your business, you need a website for that. You may think that gaining popularity on a Facebook page, posting images on Pinterest, making reels on Instagram, or sharing small content on Twitter may help to give your brand an identity. However, instead of scattering your digital efforts, you must maintain a dedicated website that will provide a far better reach, growth opportunity, and in the long run return.Having a professional website not only enhances your credibility but also serves as a centralized hub where potential customers can learn more about your offerings. If you’re ready to take the next step and design your small business website, contact the agency that has the most experience in your industry.

Some entrepreneurs refrain from creating their websites as they think it takes a lot of money. Indeed, many design agencies and companies charge exorbitantly for their services. But that is not true for everyone involved in this design industry. Often entrepreneurs with limited budgets try to create websites on their own. However, they often make these few mistakes while designing and fail to create a successful business site. Thus, many businesses consider hiring a web designer at some stages of their business promotion.

Using free templates

If you are creating a website for the first time, it is tempting to download and use one from thousands of free templates available online. However, that will not let your page stand out in the crowd. It will be similar to several other websites present on the internet and will fail to create a unique impression on the customers’ minds. The free templates look fascinating but fail to deliver the essential information.

The website should reflect your brand, and the customer must understand it whenever they visit the site. The homepage is the most important in the case of small business websites. It must provide all the necessary information and must be able to answer who you are and what you do. 

Designing logo

Like the site design, you will get free logo design templates and clip-arts. But, without an original logo, you cannot create any brand identity for your business. This is where you need to be original. A logo is what helps your customers identify you. So, if you try to copy a logo of another brand, it can prove to be detrimental. Even worse you can face legal harassment that would be harmful for your brand presence. 

Providing texts and images

It is seen that internet users prefer sites that use concise texts, and simple images, and are easy to comprehend.  According to marketing experts, you must avoid using a lot of text and images that can create confusion, page abandonment, and poor user experience. You have to think from the customers’ point of view. You have to include those images and content that are important to your users and get rid of everything else.     

Creative illustrations, original photos, and easily readable fonts are often winners in engaging users. Choose background colours that align with your brand and are pleasant to the eyes. The theme of the website must highlight the content and images present and guide the users to the call-to-action button.

Designing requirements

While designing you need to consider that people might visit your site from any device like smartphones, desktops, laptops, or tablets. The layout of your site will be such that it can adjust to any screen. Using responsive design can solve this problem. 

The navigation and the designing process throughout the entire website must be consistent. If the page designs are unrelated, customers will get distracted. 

Site load time

People are busy, and with so many alternatives, they will hardly wait if your site is slow. It will also affect the conversions. One of the reasons that affects a site’s load time is the cheap hosting option. It is better to switch to a good host to improve the load times. 

Another reason might be graphically intense site design. To support such sites, you need to have adequate bandwidth and hardware infrastructure. 

Content is essential 

Search index ranks any sight based on the quality of content and links. People also search for necessary information from your site. So, it is crucial to present content that is attractive and informative. Let’s accept the fact nobody is going to read if you just provide lengthy boring information about your products and services. To make it interesting you need to use concise crisp texts, appropriate headlines, graphical illustrations, photos, and videos. 

Development and maintenance

Most of us only bother about site design and ignore its development process. For building a website its development part is also important. Backend developers work on the scripting that provides permission to the users to interact with the site. They configure the webservers and for the e-commerce sites, they develop features such as a payment system. 


The job does not end when your website is ready and live. It requires maintenance. You need to edit the content, update the features, and monitor its ranking regularly. You need to know about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to increase the visibility of your site and its performance. 

It is not an easy task to create and maintain a successful website on your own. Taking professional help is essential. In recent years, web design pay monthly is slowly gaining popularity. You may involve a team of expert web designers to build and maintain your website and pay them every month. Such a payment structure does not create excessive financial pressure and is a feasible solution for small business owners.