Best 10 Productivity Tools for Macbook to Use in 2024

productivity apps for mac

MacBooks work with a wide range of productivity applications. Their work is to help you do your work better and achieve more. The tools enhance communication with your customers and teams of workers. They are useful to a variety of Mac users including students, professionals, and freelancers.

The use of productivity tools on your macbook differs significantly. Some help you to organize your tasks while others help you clean your Mac. Still, you can use others to create reminders, list things to do or organize meetings. Here are 10 best productivity tools for MacBook that help you to stay productive.


Alfred allows you to launch applications and increase productivity on Mac. It is used to allow quick access to software, documents, and other MacBook system functionalities. It allows the use of keyboard shortcuts to make opening applications, the web, and documents faster. Its main uses include the following.

  • Quickly conduct searches or browse the web.
  • Type less using a combination of snippets and clipboard history.
  • Automate a wide range of tasks and perform quick arithmetic calculations.
  • Clean your Mac’s trash, open a screen saver, or sleep your computer with simple commands. 

When you start to use productivity applications on your MacBook, you might notice a speed reduction. It could happen due to clutters in RAM and hard disk or due to limited storage. You can clean up your Mac using this fresh list and optimize its productivity. 


Things were developed to help plan your tasks and day. You can use it to plan upcoming tasks, things to do with your family and friends, and many more. Your remote teams can use it to list tasks and keep track of project activities on daily or weekly schedules. Features that help  boost business growth include the following:

  • To make a visually appealing task arrangement, including notes and slides.
  • Add tasks that you need to complete immediately or later
  • Arrange things to do at a personal or business level


Fantastical is loved by both experts and ordinary users. Its calendar is simple and friendly to use. It is a scheduling application for creating events or adding views and reminders to your schedules. The application offers you many other functions. 

  • It can be connected with many other programs to boost its functions.
  • It works with all types of calendars across the board.
  • Users can synchronize it with a variety of devices.
  • You can customize it to fit your needs including appearance.

Apple Notes

Business requires you to keep your content in one place and Apple Notes allows you to achieve this and even more. You can use it to take your notes and organize them in one application. It presents different features for different functionalities such as. Create new notes and share them.

  • Create edits for notes or jot fresh notes.
  • Delete notes that are no longer needed or recover lost/deleted ones.
  • Draw shapes and scan documents.
  • Integrate it with other Apple devices. 


Zappy offers you features that help you develop your business, grow, and manage it. It allows you to capture screens, annotate them, and share them with your teams. It is a MacBook productivity application that helps you manage happy remote teams and boost business revenue. It has a simple interface and easy-to-use features. 

  • Record screens or selfie views.
  • Combine shots to create GIFs or short videos.
  • Do annotations and share. 
  • Collaborate and create scheduled appointments, reminders, and automate tasks.


If you want to keep track of your employees’ time, Everhour is one of the tools to use. Once you program it, it keeps accurate data on work hours. You may program it to calculate work hours for individual team members or combined time output. The application analyzes and offers you a detailed report. It is a performance recording application with features such as.

  • Friendly capabilities for managing tasks.
  • Allows a variety of integrations with other applications.
  • Create customized alerts and generate reports.
  • Create estimations for work tasks and projects.
  • MindNode

MindNode allows you to record your thoughts regardless of where you are.  It allows you to plan events, outline your content, or record notes as thoughtful ideas come. It offers you a wide range of features that let you do more than just record notes. 

  • Use themes to organize your thoughts in an instant.
  • Add different sticker colors to make distinctions between varying thoughts.
  • Add details to your notes as more thoughts or ideas develop.
  • Sync your notes across Apple devices, print them, or share them with other members.


Magnet is a decluttering application for MacBooks. It allows you to snap your Mac windows into multiple tiles. After snapping them, you can then drag them and create a variety of keyboard shortcuts. There is much more you can do with this application.

  • Compare one list with another on multiple open windows. 
  • Present data from multiple screens and make it look attractive.
  • Break your screen into multiple columns.
  • Create dedicated keyboard shortcuts for each screen. 


Paymo allows you to manage your different projects effectively. It has features for tracking time or creating invoices when needed. It offers you a clear view of your business tasks and allows you to assign tasks to your teams. You can use its different features to achieve the following. 

  • Plan your projects based on phases or budgets.
  • Create things to do and share them with your teams.
  • Create tasks for your workers.
  • Track time and employee productivity. 


SelfControl is the MacBook application to use if you want to stay away from distractions. The internet presents you with a wide range of distractions that can affect your productivity. You could be tempted to check every notification that comes, watch videos, chat on social media, or do more. This application’s features help you achieve more. 

  • Customize which websites you want to allow or block.
  • Import or export specific block lists.
  • Create a specified time when you want certain websites to be blocked.
  • Customize windows view and decide which applications should be active. 


Productivity software allows you to plan your projects to boost expected outcomes. You can use them to plan meetings, create work-based schedules, or assign work tasks to your employees. You can choose a wide range of productivity applications for tracking time, blocking distractions, or keeping updated to-do lists. Each application is developed to help optimize your results and do more effectively.