Account-Based Marketing Tools For Success In 2024

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that uses customer account data to identify and target potential customers. ABM can be used in two ways: as a standalone marketing approach or as part of a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

When used as a standalone marketing approach, ABM allows businesses to effectively target their customers by understanding their buying behavior and preferences. This information can then be used to create targeted advertising campaigns and sales pitches, which can lead to increased sales volumes and profits for the business.

What Should You Look For in Account-based Marketing Tools?

When it comes to account-based marketing (ABM), there are a number of tools that can be helpful in your efforts. Here are some key things to look for when selecting an ABM tool: 

  1. Scalability – Make sure the tool can handle large accounts and multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  2. Reporting and analytics – Make sure you have access to detailed reporting on campaign performance and customer engagement data.
  3. Automation – Invest in an ABM tool that can automate tasks such as email marketing, lead capture, or social media management.

Top Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools



Terminus Account-Based Marketing Tool is software that helps businesses manage their customer relationships in account-based marketing (ABM) system. Terminus ABM tool allows users to identify and track customers, measure customer engagement, and create custom marketing plans for each account. 

Terminus Cloud for ABM offers users the opportunity to design, implement, and scale an account-based marketing solution. There are more than 35 ABM technology providers that integrate with Salesforce to build a customized stack for each  business.

Other features include account-level attribution and bidirectional Salesforce integration. In addition, terminus promises fast onboarding: you can get an essential campaign running in less than 30 minutes.



Marketo is a marketing automation tool that allows users to create, manage and track their marketing campaigns. It integrates with many different platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, and Facebook. Marketo also offers a variety of reports and tools to help marketers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

In addition, the platform comes with necessary features for ABM campaigns, including audience segmentation and targeting, campaign and journey automation, and advanced personalization.



Demandbase is a Demand Generation Platform that helps companies identify and understand their customer demand. The platform provides access to data on past, present, and future buying behavior for products and services. 

In addition, the Demandbase software allows users to personalize their ad targeting and connect revenue directly to drives. The software also provides company-targeted display advertising, website engagement, and conversion modules. 

One of the main benefits of using Demandbase is identifying unmet customer needs. By understanding what customers want but don’t yet have, businesses can create new products or services that meet those needs without starting from scratch.



DiscoverOrg is a powerful account-based marketing tool that enables businesses to connect with their target audience through social media and email campaigns. With DiscoverOrg, companies can easily create and manage their campaigns, track results, and make adjustments as needed. 

Additionally, DiscoverOrg offers a variety of other features such as lead capture forms and email templates. Overall, this tool is an excellent way for businesses to connect with their target audience and build relationships.



Jabmo is a social media marketing tool that helps businesses manage their accounts and track their online presence. The platform offers a variety of features to help businesses with everything from branding and content creation to analytics and reporting. 

One of the main benefits of Jabmo is its account-based marketing capabilities. This allows businesses to target specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, or behaviors. This can help drive more engagement and leads through targeted advertising campaigns. 

Additionally, Jabmo provides tools for content creation and promotion. This includes tools for managing blog posts, creating and scheduling social media posts, setting up email campaigns, etcetera.



Uberflip is a social media management tool that helps businesses manage their online presence. It offers a range of features to help companies with their social media marketing, such as account creation, scheduling posts, and analytics. 

One of the main benefits of using Uberflip is its account-based marketing feature. This allows businesses to track the progress and success of their campaigns through individual accounts. 

The tool integrates with email, allowing marketing and sales to send content to buyers’ inboxes. Its features will enable you to launch campaigns quickly, measure results, allow sales to, and scale your ABM campaigns. This makes it easier to identify which posts are working well and need improvement. 

Additionally, this will allow businesses to measure each post’s impact on followers and engagement rates.



Triblio is a social media management tool that allows businesses to manage their accounts and posts from one central location. This makes it an ideal platform for account-based marketing (ABM).

One of the key benefits of using Triblio for ABM is its ability to track all posts across all channels. This means you can see which posts are performing well and need improvement. Additionally, Triblio provides detailed analytics that shows how your followers interact with your content, helping you identify any trends or patterns.

Overall, Triblio is an effective social media management tool that can help businesses improve their account-based marketing strategy.



Pardot Account Based Marketing Tool is a marketing automation tool that helps businesses manage their customer relationships more efficiently. Since it’s a Salesforce platform, it has numerous features to assist account-based marketing. 

For example, it allows you to create and send automated emails, text messages, and push notifications to your customers. Additionally, it provides you with insights into your customer’s behavior to better understand what motivates them and how best to serve them.


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Account-based marketing is only as good as the tools you use. With the right software, you can organize campaigns to promote customer retention and increase revenue.