15 Best Content Creation Tools to Create Unique Content in 2024

For any digital content creator, having the right software can make all the difference when managing and making content. In addition to the many types of content you can create, a wide variety of content creation apps and tools are available on the market. We’ve done the hard work for you and have curated a list of some of the top content creation tools to help bring visions to life.

Video content creation tools

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a great content creation tool for those looking to make professional-looking videos without spending too much time editing. Its easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, multiple timelines for organizing media files, and simple drag-and-drop system help new users quickly get into the swing of things.

Multiple transitions, effects, filters, and titles allow you to quickly create stunning and unique videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other platform. Movavi Video Editor lets you enhance your videos with auto-color correction, video stabilization, equalizer, and AI-based tools like background removal, noise reduction, motion tracking, and more.


Openshot is a free, open-source video editor for simple cutting, filtering, and encoding tasks. The software offers a range of features for creating professional-level video projects, including support for a variety of audio and video formats, 3D animation, keyframing, and more.

To add special touches to your video, you can select from a library of more than 400 transitions, various effects, and titles. Openshot also has advanced features like a chroma key, an audio clip mixer, color curves, and blend modes. Both beginners and advanced users will find Openshot a great content creation tool.


Freepik is a one-stop shop for all kinds of creative assets. From photos and videos to PSDs, templates, icons, fonts, and even illustrations, Freepik has it. The website provides high-quality content that can be used for both commercial and personal projects. It also has a user-friendly search option and filters to help you find exactly what you need.

One major feature distinguishing Freepik is its AI image generator, allowing users to enter a text prompt and generate different images. This text-to-image tool is perfect for creating unique content for any purpose. Freepik also has an AI art generator tool called Pikaso, which uses AI technology to transform hand-drawn sketches into digital illustrations.


Wepik is a design platform that offers thousands of customizable templates for social media, presentations, posters, flyers, brochures, and more. With Wepik, you can create professional-looking content in minutes without graphic design skills. You must select a template and start editing with the easy-to-use online editor. You can change colors, text, images, and even add your branding elements

In addition to the templates, Wepik also offers a variety of tools for building your brand identity. These include an AI presentation maker, AI writer for generating content ideas, a QR code generator for adding interactive elements to your designs, or a social media scheduler for planning and automating your posts.


If you’re looking to quickly create engaging, high-quality videos without downloading software, try Animoto. This online video editing tool allows users to create attractive visuals with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

Choose from a library of customizable video templates, then add photos and videos, select music tracks, adjust audio levels, and more. You can share your creations directly on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Design tools


Canva is a digital design content creation tool that offers a wide range of templates and editing tools for creating logos, infographics, social media posts, leaflets, flyers, and more. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users of all levels to create stunning visuals quickly and with minimal effort.

In Canva, you can find a vast library of images, fonts, and illustrations easily customized with a mouse click. Themes and templates vary from minimalist to fun and artistic, so you can always find something that fits your style. With built-in image editing capabilities, you can crop, resize, apply filters, and adjust brightness/contrast without needing additional software


Flyerwiz is an innovative flyer maker app that empowers users to create attention-grabbing flyers effortlessly. With this user-friendly online platform provides access to a vast collection of over 20,000+ expertly crafted flyer templates, catering to a wide range of industries, events, and promotional requirements.

Join the thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who have embraced the power of Flyerwiz to enhance their marketing and promotional endeavors. Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or a well-established enterprise, Flyerwiz is the ultimate solution for producing professional flyers that make a lasting impact. Discover the convenience of Flyerwiz today and revolutionize your flyer creation process.



VistaCreate (ex-Crello) is online graphic design software that makes creating beautiful visuals for any project easy.  Users can quickly create engaging designs for social media posts and make website banners, ads, emails, posters, and more.

Once signed in, you can personalize designs with your own images, audio, and video or choose from thousands of ready-made templates. You can also add text, shapes, icons, illustrations, and even animation to bring your design to life.


Designs.ai is an AI-powered platform that offers users a fast and easy way to create visuals from scratch. With this tool, you can create everything from logos to videos with a click of a button.

AI-driven design technology takes the hassle out of manual content creation. You can write down the type of design you want, and Designs.ai will generate a design that matches your specifications. It’s speech synthesis technology to make voiceovers in 15+ languages and advanced text-to-image technology to generate style-matching visuals to complement your content.

Stock image and video libraries


Pexels is a free stock image website with thousands of images and videos for various projects. It provides high-quality photos, videos, and vector art from talented creators worldwide. The library is easy to search, and you can always find something that fits your design.

Pexels also offers a handy plugin for Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch. With this plugin, you can easily access the library and save images into your project, making content creation fast and efficient.

Pexels also offers a handy plugin for Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch.
Insert Pexels also offers a handy plugin for Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch that works and is installed easily like any free Photoshop action.


Unsplash is another great source for beautiful, high-resolution images that are free for commercial and personal projects. This website has a ton of variety, with categories like abstract, architecture, art, food and beverage, nature, objects, people, and many more.

All images are royalty-free and do not require attribution, making them ideal for businesses and creatives who need to use images to support their projects. One major difference between Unsplash and Pexels is that the image search is more specific for some topics.


Burst is a powerful platform for content creators and entrepreneurs, allowing them to bring their creative ideas to life. It’s part of the Shopify ecosystem and provides a wealth of high-quality, free stock photos. The website’s minimalistic design makes navigation a breeze, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

In addition to the vast library of photos, Burst also offers business ideas, tips, and tutorials to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition. With Burst, you can quickly make content that will engage your customers and help you stand out.

Ai Animation Maker

Appy Pie Design

Appy Pie Design is an AI-powered platform that offers a comprehensive suite for creating professional designs tailored for small businesses. Users can effortlessly generate content using diverse AI-generated templates, from posters to animations. The platform emphasizes AI tools, allowing users to transform imaginative prompts into stunning visuals, videos, and animations.

One such tool is Appy Pie’s AI Animation Maker, which is designed to transform textual prompts into captivating animations. By visualizing, typing, and watching, users can create animations based on their textual descriptions. 

The platform offers features like AI Video to Animation, AI Image to Animation, and intuitive Natural Language Processing (NLP). Users can craft intricate characters and scenes, and the tool is accessible for all skill levels, making it easy for even beginners to produce high-quality animations.

Written content tools


Grammarly is a great tool for anyone who needs help with writing, from students to professionals. It detects more than 250 grammar and spelling errors, provides contextual spellchecking and vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and helps writers use better sentence structure.

The tool also provides easy-to-understand explanations for all its suggestions so you can learn how to become a better writer. You can use Grammarly for your computer, browser extension, or mobile app to scan documents on the go. It makes it easy for users to quickly proofread their work and ensure all their writing is error-free.

Narrato AI

Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing tool that consistently generates unique content. It streamlines any project’s entire content creation process, offering useful AI tools for every stage. Whether you’re working on a blog post, social media post, email, or anything else, you’ll find helpful AI tools and templates to simplify the content creation. There are over 100 AI templates on the platform, some of which also have a bulk content generation feature. And just in case you don’t find an AI template for your content creation need, you can always create a custom AI template.

Another standout feature is Narrato’s AI Content Genie, an AI autopilot for content creation. Provide it with your website URL and content themes, and it will automatically generate fresh content for you each week. You can edit these posts and publish them to the relevant channels straight from the platform. 
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LanguageTool is a grammar and spellchecking tool that provides detailed descriptions of errors and suggested corrections. It supports over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German.

LanguageTool is free, but premium plans are available for those requiring more advanced features. You can create a grammar rule for future checks and also customize existing grammar rules. This tool is great for writers who need extra help with their writing projects. 

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is another content creation tool for improving grammar, readability, and clarity. It highlights complex sentences and difficult-to-understand phrases so you can edit your work easily. The tool also helps writers avoid common errors like passive voice, adverbs, and jargon.

Unlike Grammarly, the Hemingway App does not provide explanations for its suggestions, making it difficult to understand why the tool flags certain words or sentences. However, with some practice, it can be a great tool for improving writing style and making content more readable. You can use an online version or download the desktop one.

Content research tools

Google Trends

There are plenty of content creation apps and tools, but sometimes it’s hard to know what content will be successful. Google Trends can help you identify popular topics and see how they perform over time. This tool can track the performance of key phrases, topics, and even specific brands.

Google Trends provides a detailed analysis of trends in certain topics. You can see which countries and regions are searching for particular terms or phrases. You can use this tool to tailor your content to the audiences’ interests, getting more followers and increasing engagement.


Ahrefs is a useful tool for content research and content management system. It can help you quickly find information and statistics about topics related to your content. You can optimize your videos for SEO and check metrics such as likes, comments, and shares they have received. 

Ahrefs also provides detailed analysis of the top-ranking pages, such as their total number of backlinks, referring domains, top organic keywords, and traffic value, so you can get an idea of what it takes to rank for certain topics. This is a great tool for finding ideas for creating content and optimizing existing content.


BuzzSumo is another popular content research platform that helps you get more insights into topics and ideas related to your content. You can also analyze competitor content to identify the most successful ideas to cover on your blog or website.

BuzzSumo also has features like content curation and influencer tracking. These allow you to find the right people for your campaign and gain more exposure for your content. This tool is also great for any digital content creator looking to boost their SEO rankings, as it helps analyze backlinks and other SEO metrics.


Digital content strategy largely depends on the tools and resources you have at your disposal. We’ve listed 15 tools any digital content creator can use to make quality content easily. These tools can save you time, increase your efficiency, and make sure you’re creating content that resonates with your audience.