How to Write a Blog Post Quickly, Effectively & Efficiently

How to Write a Blog Post

One of the important conditions for a good indexation and ranking of the site by search engines is its systematic updating and replenishment. A special section is used to increase the number of pages and useful material – most often it is called “Blog”, “Articles” or “Useful”. Today, experienced writers from the cheap paper writing service will tell you how to properly write articles for the blog both from an SEO perspective and from the perspective of potential readers. 

Of course, this is not a step-by-step guide, but just some theses that will help you properly understand why you need it at all, how to learn how to write articles for a blog, how to format them, and whether they need keywords in them.

Why do I need a blog and what kind of articles should I write there?

Before you write an article for a blog, you need to answer a few simple questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the article – useful information, SEO, or both?
  2. What interesting things can you tell your target audience today?
  3. Are you able to write a competent and consistent text yourself?

If the purpose of the article for the blog is purely SEO, that is, the promotion of the site for some query, then the second and third points of the survey do not matter much. You can safely take the next key or a group of similar semantics and write an article for the blog, relying on the keys as a framework. There is no need to have some sort of super-idea, it’s enough to write a unique text without errors, competently inserting the keys and the LSI environment.

But if you want to learn how to write articles for the blog, so that they are also interesting to read for the visitors of your site, then the second and third questions are key.

An interesting topic is the most important component of the success of each individual article and of the blog as a whole. Of course, the publications should have direct relevance to the topic the site is devoted to.

Whatever the theme of your site, you need to be very serious and thoughtful about making such a list. It will help you generate topics and articles for your blog more quickly. When you have to write systematically on stream, it makes a huge difference.

Types of articles for a blog

Also, in order to learn how to write articles for a blog properly, it will be helpful to know what types of publications you can create. This will help you avoid repetition and change your pitch – as mentioned a bit above, it’s very difficult to write without repetition and without losing your readership when writing articles to a grow your blog.

Here’s a list of the most popular types of articles to help you learn how to write blog articles properly:

  1. News articles. But do not forget that the ears should not pull the news, there must be a real informational reason for this type of material.
  2. Novelty Review. If you sell any goods, then write articles on the release of the next novelties, their review, and comparative analysis – the most valuable articles for the blog, which will be of most interest to visitors of your site.
  3. Tips and recommendations – an expert opinion from you as a specialist to those who are looking for answers to their questions. For example, for a site of gadgets and electronics, articles “how to measure real battery capacity”, “how to reflash Android by yourself” and so on will be useful.
  4. Storytelling – some interesting life stories that are relevant to the subject of your site. For example, in relation to the “Content Lab”, a “how we hired a copywriter” story would be appropriate if it is a funny or didactic one.
  5. Answers to readers’ questions. Even if you don’t have tight feedback from your audience or it tends to zero for now, you can and should still do such articles for your blog. Come up with interesting questions yourself and give them detailed and lively answers.
  6. Interviews. This is not just a type of article for a blog. It’s a bomb. But only if you can get a really interesting person “on the subject” to talk to you, albeit remotely, and you can make a really great interview. But this is the highest class – only a few non-professional writers can boast of such articles.

Don’t be lazy and make what is called a content plan. That is, think of the themes of articles for the blog in advance, in packs. And don’t be lazy to constantly add to the file any thoughts on the subject of publications that come to your mind. For this purpose, it’s best to keep a file with topics and remarks in your phone – that way it will always be at your fingertips.

Designing your blog post

Writing an article is half the battle. The second half is to format it competently and informatively. Here also it is enough to use a very simple rule:

  1. Be sure to break the text into logical blocks, giving them informative subheadings. Ideally, the reader should run through these subheadings of a blog article and understand whether he needs to read the entire article, whether it is enough to stop at a particular subsection, or whether he is not interested in this publication at all;
  2. Avoid clickbait – headlines that deliberately deceive the reader into going to the page with the article. Get both irritations from readers, and assimilation from search engines, sooner or later.
  3. Use informative and only unique images on the topic – you can read about how to image here uniquely. Keep in mind that you can easily turn text into images using an AI tool like Picsart, so you don’t need a photographer to create something unique. .
  4. It’s also appropriate to use other visual tools – lists, quotes, and more.


To summarize, here’s a quick conclusion. Learning how to write articles for a blog is not very difficult. If you know English at least, have something to say to your audience, and are willing to spend time on writing and proofreading the text, and on design. Use this almost step-by-step guide – and your path to success will be a little shorter.