Instagram Mentions: How to Use Them to Boost Your Reach and Engagement

Know how to use Instagram mentions

Read this article to understand how to use Instagram mentions, the benefits of mentions, and what to do when you can’t mention them.

By using mentions, there are advantages such as being used for PR and expanding communication.

Let’s take a quick look at the Instagram mention feature.

What is Instagram Mentions?

By using the mentioned function, you can further expand the range of Instagram utilization, such as being able to use it for PR.

How to use mentions

The mention function is a function that allows you to paste the account you want to introduce to the photos and videos of your story.

Tapping on a username will take you to the mentioned person’s profile page where you can learn more about their account.

When to use mentions

  • When you want to introduce an account
  • When you receive a gift and want to express your gratitude
  • When you want to share with your followers

The Mentioned Side Will Receive a DM Notification

When you share a story post with a mention, the person who was mentioned will receive a direct message (DM).

This feature cannot be circumvented as mentioning it will ensure it reaches you.

Use mentions with the understanding that a notification will be sent to the person being mentioned.

Benefits of Insta Mentions

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Instagram mentions:

  • Can be used for PR
  •  Repost function is available

Can be used for PR

By using mentions, you can also use it for PR of the shop.

If you can mention the store’s Instagram account in the caption when uploading photos of a store such as a cafe or a flower shop, users who see the post will recognize the store’s products and account. You can get it and use it for promotion.

Can repost function

The report function is a function that allows the mentioned user to incorporate the post into their Instagram story and share quotes.

When the mentioned person sees the mention, a button “Add this to stories” appears.

By tapping “Add this to your story”, you can import the story into your own stories and post it.

The person being mentioned will be notified by direct message (DM) that you have been mentioned, so you can view the story from the direct message (DM) and tap “Add this to the story” to add it to your story. will be

By reposting, communication is created between the person who mentioned and the person who reposted the post, and the sense of intimacy increases.

In addition, by promoting your account to your own followers and the followers of your opponent, the spread power will increase, making it easier to increase your Instagram followers. You may also Instagram followers or TV comments from Increditools to reach more people

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The Difference Between Insta Tagging and Mentioning

There is a feature called “tagging” that has a similar meaning to mentions.

I will explain the difference between the two.

Tagging, like mentions, is a function that links accounts related to photos and videos, and linking to normal posts is collectively called tagging.

There are three types of tagging:

  • Enter text and stamps in photos and videos
  • Enter text in the caption
  • Enter text in the comment field of the post

Mentions are associated with stories, and tags are associated with posts.

How To Use Instagram Mentions

I hope you understand what Instagram mentions are.

In this chapter, we will explain how to use mentions in the following two ways.

  • How to mention in the text
  • How to mention using stamps

How to @mention text inscription

I will explain how to mention in the text.

How To Mention in Text

  1. Tap “Aa” to move to the text input screen
  2. Enter the account you want to link after “@”, and the candidates will be displayed, so select the account you want to mention from among them.
  3. You can choose the font and color of the entered characters, so choose your favorite one.

If you follow the steps above, you can reflect text mentions.

How To Mention Using Stickers

  1. Tap “Stamp (square face mark)” at the top right of the screen
  2. Tap the button labeled “@mention”
  3. Enter the account you want to link after “@”, and the candidates will be displayed, so select the account you want to mention from among them.
  4. The selected account is displayed like this, so you can change the position of the text mentioned as well.

If you follow the steps above, you can reflect the mention in the stamp.

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What To Do When You Can’t Mention

Now you know what mentions are and how to use them.

In this chapter, we will introduce the following three ways to deal with the case where “I followed the procedure but the mention is not reflected”.

  • The account name is wrong
  • The other party has set a rejection
  • It may be blocked

Wrong Account Name

If you don’t see the person’s icon when you mention them, the person’s account name may be incorrect.

Access the profile of the person you want to mention, check the account name, and then enter it again.

If the other person’s account does not appear, there is a high possibility that the account name is misspelled, but if the account of the person you want to mention appears but you cannot select it, it is possible that the other person has been set to refuse. .

The Opponent Has Set a Rejection

If the other person doesn’t allow mentions, you can’t mention them.

If you cannot select an account after entering “@ + account name” even if the account appears, it is highly likely that the other person has set it to reject mentions, so be careful that you cannot add a mention.

Even if you have set your account to be rejected, you will not be able to mention it because the same thing will happen when someone else wants to mention your account.

To change your preference for rejecting mentions, follow the steps below.

How to cancel the rejection setting

1. Tap the “icon” to move to the profile screen

2. Tap the “three lines” on the top right

3. Tap “Settings”

4. Tap “Privacy Settings”

5. Tap “Mention”

6. Select either “Everyone” or “Followers”

If you follow the steps above, the rejection setting for mentions will be canceled.

It’s possible that you’ve set your refusal, so let’s check once.

May be Blocked

You can’t mention someone if they’ve blocked you.

You can enter with “@ + account name”, but you cannot jump to the other person’s profile page by tapping.

Even if you block someone, if the other person mentions you, the other person will not be able to jump to the profile page from the Instagram mention, so you will find out that you have blocked them.

To unblock an opponent, follow the steps below.

How to unblock an opponent

  1.  Access the profile page of the blocked person
  2.  Tap the “three lines” on the top right
  3.  Tap “Unblock”

You can unblock it by following the steps above.