What are the Common Challenges in Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing Challenges

It’s no secret that mobile apps are the new big thing. For quite some time now, whenever you think of IT, an image of a mobile app pops up in everyone’s heads. This phenomenon hasn’t gone unnoticed, and businesses across the globe are looking to join the race. But with this much demand, it was inevitable that a sea of applications would enter the market, increasing competition and making it hard for quality apps to rise up in the eyes of the users. 

To make your apps stand out, mobile marketing companies entered the market. With their deep expertise and market know-how, these companies are now providing exceptional mobile marketing services to their customers. 

But this job is not easy, and companies not partnering with an app marketing company often find themselves in situations that present several challenges. Luckily, app marketing companies can help you get out of that slump. Let’s look into some of these challenges and how you can overcome them with the help of mobile marketing companies. 

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Simply put, mobile app marketing refers to the process of marketing your app to the target audience to increase user acquisition, engagement, and retention. It is like online marketing but with apps. The process of mobile app marketing involves employing several steps, strategies, and marketing channels to advertise the application, which ultimately translates to user downloads.


The need for mobile app marketing is imminent and dire. According to Buildfire, an average person has almost 80 apps on their phone. However, only 9 of them are used regularly, and the rest are most likely to be used only once or twice. Moreover, another study by Reuters revealed that the attention span of app users had been reduced by 26%, making mobile app marketing more important than ever.

6 Common Challenges in Mobile App Marketing

Mentioned below are some common challenges faced by mobile app marketing companies. These companies address these challenges and provide tangible results with their mobile marketing services. 

App Discovery and Visibility

Many businesses create a scalable and reliable app only to watch it get buried under thousands of other apps. This is a common challenge in mobile app marketing. With millions of apps in app stores, getting your app discovered is like finding a needle in a haystack.

To overcome discoverability issues, meticulous App Store Optimization (ASO) is paramount.

For optimizing ASO, you can revisit your app’s metadata and update keywords, titles, and descriptions. This can enhance its visibility in search results. Conducting thorough market research to identify relevant keywords and monitoring your app’s performance can fine-tune your ASO strategy.

User Acquisition Costs 

Acquiring new users in the fiercely competitive app market can be a costly endeavor. Companies have already put a huge chunk of budget into developing the app. Hence, they are often reluctant to make a big budget for marketing. This is why, putting extra effort into creating a marketing budget is important.

Understanding the cost per acquisition (CPA) and the expected return on investment (ROI) for each acquired user helps optimize your marketing budget.

User Retention

Acquiring users is one thing, but keeping them engaged and retained is another challenge. High churn rates, where users abandon your app after a brief encounter, can sabotage your marketing efforts. Many apps suffer from high user churn rates as users lose interest quickly.


Generating revenue from a mobile app is often a daunting task. Also, finding the right monetization strategy, be it through ads, in-app purchases, or subscriptions, can be a tough cookie to crack. App marketing companies can help clients choose the best monetization model. They can also provide a few tricks of apex trader funding that can be beneficial for the company. 

Competitive Landscape

As we said before, the primary reason for any company to consider mobile marketing companies is the rising competition that is already going on in the app market. Competition in the app market is cutthroat. Similar apps compete for the same audience, making it challenging to stand out.

In this competitive landscape, it’s vital for app developers to integrate superior functionalities. For example, integrating the best speech to text apps for Android can significantly enhance user experience and distinguish an app from its competitors. This feature is particularly valuable for users who rely on voice commands and accessibility features.

Platform Fragmentation

Developing for multiple platforms (iOS, Android) and various screen sizes can be complex and resource-intensive. Not to mention that every platform works with a specific set of rules that might differ from one another, making it a significant challenge. Before submitting your app to an app store, thoroughly review and understand their guidelines to ensure compliance.

Benefits of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing not only helps you resolve all these above-mentioned issues but also provides other benefits that ultimately benefit the app AND the company. Let’s look at some of those benefits. 

Increased Visibility and Downloads

Mobile app marketing is your ticket to making your app shine amidst the digital clutter. In an overcrowded app ecosystem, standing out is a Herculean task. But with the right marketing strategies, such as App Store Optimization (ASO), influencer collaborations, and targeted advertising, your app can bask in the spotlight it deserves.

Enhanced visibility often leads to a surge in downloads. When your app ranks higher in search results and graces curated lists, it catches the eye of potential users. This initial attention can trigger a snowball effect, propelling your app up the download charts and into the hands of a broader audience.

However, visibility alone won’t cut it; your app must deliver value to retain users. But without that initial marketing push, your gem of an app might remain hidden and undiscovered. 

Enhanced User Engagement

Mobile app marketing isn’t just about luring users to install your app; it’s about keeping them enchanted and returning for more. Elevated user engagement is a pivotal benefit that can significantly impact your app’s triumph.

However, with a well-crafted health and fitness ad campaign that sends motivational reminders, workout tips, and progress updates, that user becomes more involved in their fitness journey. They’re not just using your app; they’re actively engaging with it.

Better user retention

A high user retention rate translates into a loyal user base. These loyal users are more likely to make in-app purchases, subscribe to premium features, and advocate for your app within their social circles. Their positive experiences can lead to organic growth as they recommend your app to friends and family.

Improved Monetization

By highlighting the value of these monetization avenues, you can encourage users to make purchases, thereby increasing your revenue. Advertising is another revenue stream that benefits from mobile app marketing.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app marketing can be complex, and with the help of an expert, pushing your app to the top would be a near-impossible task for a layman. These companies understand the details of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with ASO to make your app rank above the subpar options and reach the categories of mainstream apps. 

Also, partnering up with these agencies can bump up your retention and help you make sure that your app doesn’t just remain a one-time-use app.