SEO Basic Principles : Beginner Guide For Kickstart

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What do we go through in this training with the SEO basic principles? Watch the movement here in the video, or read on for the transcript of the lessons:

SEO basics Principles to get to the top in Google

When you are here, you have already decided that you want to be on top of google and grow your website. This is not masterclass training in search engine optimization.

Welcome to this online training: come on top in google, the essential points to tackle for your site in three days.

I want you to be able to pick up the essential points of your site after this training, so we keep it nice and simple because the most crucial thing is nice and straightforward:

Someone searches on google, and google shows that visitors have excellent information. You see, Google wants to help the visitor with their search, so google puts the best page at the top.

It’s as simple as figuring out what people are looking for, looking at what the competition is doing on these keywords, and creating better text.

The last thing Google looks at is voting for your websites from other

sites, but I have some tips for that too.

Let’s start with the next lesson: keyword research. Learn an easy way to find out what searches people are using to find your products.

How does It look?

First of all, it is time to determine exactly how your audience is looking for your products or gather information about their related problems, issues, or struggles.

What are people looking for, what wording do they use, and what questions do they ask? List different keywords and phrases that potential customers could use to find you. Everyone ultimately searches Google too.

It is essential to find out exactly how your audience is looking for your

products or obtain information about related problems. What exactly are people looking for?

What wording do they use, and what questions do they ask? List different keywords and find phrases that will help potential customers find you.

Everyone eventually searches via google, but how do you know exactly how people are looking

for you?

It may sound not easy, and there are a lot of tools that

can help you very well, but one way that we still use is to

go to google and type your searches there.

For example, your buy sells suspenders. Search for suspenders, then you will, of course, first get all the pages with suspenders, and the top ones are the ads.

But the moment you click again at the top in the search bar next to your keyword (braces), you immediately see several related searches:

And these are things that people have searched for before, so what they type in google.

You can write about these ways because people look it up, and you want to be found there.

But these are only a few, but what you can also do is to type in then a letter, and then you will get all things with suspenders or your product followed by the “a”:

Those are articles about putting on suspenders and suspenders on the back: what exactly does that look like? American flag suspenders if you happen to be selling it, and if you don’t already have one, you might want to start selling it.

Attaching suspenders to your pants: how do you do that with a button or with clips, for example?

And these are all article ideas that you can start using on your website. And you can also do this with “b”, with “c” and with the “d” and you can go through all the letters to see what exactly people are looking for in google.

We distinguish between main subject, main topic, and subtopics that you can write about within the same article.

For example, about google analytics.

People are also looking for search engine optimization, goals that you can measure with google analytics, find keywords with google analytics, site speed, time on site.

These are all things that people look up when they look at how search engine optimization works in combination with google analytics and so you can also build your topics or themes or topics and start writing great texts for your website.

Ok, now it is time for you to do your keyword research.

Start with your main subject, for example, dogs. See how people all search for this and how you could divide this into a few topics.

Then also does it for your most essential products, such as:

  • dog leashes
  • dog food
  • dog clothes
  • cat house
  • cat food
  • pet food etc.

What content do I need?

Every site needs content to be found. The type of content you write and post depends on the kind of page it is intended for.

We mainly distinguish three types of content for a website:

  • Category content
  • Product information
  • Blog content

Each of these pages has a different content purpose for the user, and therefore needs another type of content:

In general, three main page types can be distinguished. It is wise to see these as separate parts of your site when you start writing web texts for your online store.

The pages each have a different purpose and, therefore, the type of texts you want to place on them.

We have the category page, the product page, and the blog page.

The most important thing about text on your website is that you help a visitor. This is good for conversion, and Google wants to put those sites on the top that best serve the customer.

The text fits the category page to make the visitor enthusiastic and perhaps explain why you chose this range and what appeals to you.

Why this group of products is excellent for helping the customer with what they want to achieve.

The more personal, the better.

The visitor’s goal is to see if the articles meet his or her wishes. Your goal is to give them the information that makes them want to take a closer look at one or more of the products on your site.

Then we can immediately talk about that product page:

You want information on your product pages that is unique. It is quite an investment to do this for all your products, but it is more than worth it for your findability.

Writing your text is essential for your site’s user experience and, therefore, also for your google position.

Just think about it: why should someone visit your product page instead of your competitor’s? Why should someone buy it from you instead of the competitor?

Is the answer just price or speed of delivery?

No, also because you give them a good user experience. That means 

the information they can’t find elsewhere!

Start with optimizing a few per week, and in no time, your entire website will be provided with unique and high-converting texts.

And what information can you add to your product page to help your customer better?

Think of information about the product that cannot be found elsewhere, for example, about its use, what it is intended for, perhaps in which situation you choose this model compared to another model.

It also makes it as personal as possible with information about what you think of the product as a website, what you have tested, for example, and why it appeals to you.

You can also think of photos that no one else has and customer reviews.

Well, a blog has a special place in every website.

It can help you convey your message, show what you stand for, and position it as a subject matter expert.

It is always important to communicate in your unique style. But regardless of the message, the story, or the class: what exactly are you going to blog about?

You can use a blog to help people with search questions that are not directly related to products.

People are looking for all kinds of information about the type of products you offer, where they may not immediately think of buying an item.

For example, “cheap Purina wet food” is a term appropriate for a category or product page, but “what kind of wet food is right for my senior dog?” a time more suitable for a blog post.

In the blog post, you can help people extensively about which properties of dog food work better for one dog than for another and what brand or ingredients they should choose.

Here you can, of course, refer to valuable products that they could also buy from you.

With a blog, you certainly do not have to limit yourself to just matters surrounding your products, but other related issues are also more than welcome. Consider topics such as:

  • pet training
  • buy pet food in california
  • the best places to take them out
  • beaches where they are allowed to go

If your keyword research shows that many people look up these terms, then it is worth writing about it. All searches are potential customers, and you may not be selling something right now, but they will remember your name.

And you can, for example, have them subscribe to your newsletter for valuable facts and thus build a relationship with them, or you can retarget them with Adwords or Facebook to bring them back to your website with advertisements.

Good luck with developing your first post

And then on to building relationships in your field and getting Referrals!

Search engine optimization, build your authority.

Every website needs good web texts to be found. Nobody will deny that. That is why I also started to cover the different texts for the pages of your store.

But Google also wants to see other websites recommend your online store, and they do this with references:

The last step is to get votes for your website.

Google can see from your texts that they are accommodating and probably help the visitor very well. They can also see from the visitor’s behavior whether your readers help the visitor.

If someone stays on your site for a long time and looks at multiple pages, your site is helpful. If someone immediately goes back to google and clicks on another place to find their answer there, your site is not that helpful.

But more sites could help the visitor well, and that is why they check whether others also recommend your website. And a recommendation online is a referral from one place to another.

What a site says to its visitors is: “look, that website has good information or good articles where you should also take a look.”

Just as you would recommend a good restaurant to a friend, one website may recommend the information on another website to their users.

The website with the most informative texts and the best products comes at the top of Google.

But how do you ensure that other sites will place a referral for you?

After years of improving this technique, we have now found an efficient process and websites that we can work with more often, but there are some tips that you can also implement yourself.

There are 3 main ways you can tackle yourself:

  • the first is writing a guest blog for another site: you write an article sharing your field expertise. You can, of course, include your reference there too, and the other side has an excellent article that helps their visitors. A real win-win! The idea is to write to the website owner and ask if you can write a guest blog for his or her site. Nowadays, they often want a (small) fee for it, but sometimes this can already be a product.
  • Also, you can have other bloggers write about you: there are many bloggers on the internet, so the chances are that there are also a couple who write about your field. And having another person write about your product is an excellent opportunity to get a referral. For example, you can ask to write a review in exchange for a product, or you can see if they want to do a giveaway for their customers concerning your site. Of course, sometimes you will have to pay for these options.
  • The third possibility is to name other people in your blog articles, for example, someone who publicly uses the kind of products you sell like a well-known suspenders wearer. Let them know that they have been mentioned in your article as a positive influence or as an excellent quote, and you have a chance that they will refer to your page from their site. They may be proud to have been mentioned in your article.

With these three ways, you can increase the number of referrals to your website, and thus, google shows that you also have voted for your site.

Start connecting with others and offering win-win situations now. This is how you get your first essential referrals.


These were my tips to get to the top in google with SEO basic techniques: Learn to pick up the most critical points for your site in three days.

I hope you can use it right away to turn your website into a successful business.

I know that it can be challenging to set aside enough time and your work to write those web texts and write to those websites if they want to refer to you, but it is the way to get to the top of Google.