Top 8 Best QR Code Generators for 2024

Best QR Code Generators

A QR Code Generator with a logo is a great way to create QR Codes for your business or organization quickly. They’re simple to use and can be customized to fit your specific needs. In addition, they’re straightforward to integrate into your business operations. Using technology, you can quickly scan codes from almost anywhere.

QR Codes can redirect visitors to your vCard, mobile page, website, social pages, Google Maps, file download, or even app stores. However, the best thing about them is that they can be generated in-house using QR code generators.

Tips for using QR Code Generators

QR codes are 2D barcodes that direct users to digital content. These codes are the encrypted version of large amounts of data, from URLs to discount information, which any smartphone device can read.

They are most widely used to streamline CRM (Customer Relationship System) processes and Help Desk platforms, such as ServiceNow or Zendesk. In addition, they are used as the quickest and easiest way for ticketing and tracking.

Here are some tips for using QR Code Generators:

1. Choose the right generator: There are many different QR Code generators available online, so it’s essential to choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, some generators allow you to customize the text and colors of the code, while others offer more basic features such as generating codes in multiple sizes or languages.

2. Plan ahead: Before generating codes, make sure you have all of the information you need ready- including a URL or image that will serve as a template.

Benefits of using QR Code Generators

  1. QR Codes can be used for marketing purposes, as they can be scanned by smartphone users to access information or download apps.
  2. They can also be used for tracking products in stores, as customers can scan them with their smartphones to track their orders.
  3. Finally, QR Codes make it easy for businesses to connect with potential customers online and offline – simply print out a few copies of the code and hand them out!

Top Rated QR Code Generators



Visualead QR Code Generators is software that helps you create QR codes quickly and easily. It offers a variety of features to make the process as easy as possible, including templates, fonts, and text effects. You can also customize your QR code by adding your text or images.

Visualead provides helpful tutorials to help you get started. It boasts state-of-the-art QR Code technology and top-tier expertise in computational math, machine learning, and computer eyesight. With Visualead, you can design creative, branded, and valuable QR codes that deliver more scans, leads, mobile-optimized content, and social engagements.


  • It allows you to create and publish landing pages in under a minute
  • Features protection patents and patent applications from all over the world, and thus it can utilize it anywhere.


  • You can’t insert a logo in the code using this tool
  • Some users complain that the end product is not as pretty as they would like it to be

QR-Code Generator

qr code generator

QR Code Generators are software programs that allow users to create QR codes. A QR code is a barcode that a smartphone camera can read. They are commonly used to share information with other customers or employees, such as product prices and contact information.

To use a QR Code Generator, open the program and input the desired text or image into the text box at the top of the screen.

Next, click on the “Generate” button and wait for your code to appear in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Finally, scan your code using your smartphone’s camera to access your content!


  • Offers a variety of functions such as encoding price list PDF or displaying Facebook like button on the code
  • It comes with a free version that can generate various codes including text QR code, vCard and email QR code, among others


  • The auto-renew of subscription without notice is a nuisance to many users


Uniqode is a reliable QR Code generator catering to various industries such as restaurants, retail, real estate, healthcare, law, and consumer goods. This tool empowers brands to guide customers in their decision-making journey by providing personalized and scannable QR Codes. Boasting a substantial user base of over 50,000 customers, Uniqode has garnered the trust of prominent global brands like Toyota, PepsiCo, and Amazon. This QR Code generator also offers a diverse collection of over 20 professionally crafted QR Code templates. 


  • Top-notch security features include SOC-2 Type 2 certification, GDPR compliance, SSO log-in, and multi-factor authentication.
  • The intuitive dashboard provides comprehensive analytics, including top-performing QR codes, user counts, etc.
  • Google Analytics integration for in-depth scan and user metrics.
  • 4000+ integrations with marketing and sales stack. 


  • The number of free QR Code types is limited.

QRcode Monkey

qrcode monkey

QR Code Monkey is software that helps you create QR codes. With this software, you can easily create QR codes for your website or business. You can also use QR code monkey to generate custom QR codes for your customers.

Millions of users have made codes using this tool due to its unique features. These include high-res QR codes, custom design, and colors, a lifetime offer of unlimited scans, robust design, and many more.


  • Generated codes can be downloaded instantly in various print quality formats
  • Codes generated using this tool are 100% frees, thus can be used for commercial purposes


  • It comes with several features that can be confusing at times



A QRStuff code generator is software that allows users to create QR codes. QR codes are small images that can be scanned using a smartphone app. They are often used to promote businesses or products.

It boasts a reliable reputation for churning permanent codes that don’t expire and are 100% ads-free. It lets you create smartphone-readable 2D barcodes and QR codes that can be branded on a T-Shirt.


  • Codes are free and can be used for commercial purposes without any restrictions
  • You don’t need to create an account or sign up to use QRStuff
  • It boasts more than a decade of experience


  • It is not easy to navigate on the QRStuff’s website



Scanova QR Code Generator software is a powerful and easy-to-use QR code creation tool that allows you to create custom QR codes quickly and easily.

With this software, you can create codes for your website, blog, or any other marketing materials with ease. You can also use Scanova QR Code Generator software to generate barcodes for products or services.

This code generation tool boasts some outstanding features that deliver tangible benefits. For example, it creates visually appealing codes to attract more scans, gives the location and design type, and improves lead generation.


  • It provides dynamic codes which allow you to edit content anytime
  • It also boasts pre-built landing pages that you can utilize for vector export in high-resolution formats for editing and printing.
  • The tool allows you to integrate QR code generation with your system or mobile app using an API


  • You must create an account to use the software
  • It doesn’t create a satisfactory mobile landing page



QRickit QR Code Generator software is a powerful and easy-to-use QR code creator. It allows you to create custom QR codes quickly and easily.

With QRickit, you can generate codes for your website, blog, or other digital content. You can also use QRickit to create custom QR codes for marketing purposes.

The tool allows you to develop regulations that you can save on your computer, showcase on your web pages, print, and share with other people. QRickit is offered for free and uses an open technology, and thus can be used by anyone for personal or business purposes.


  • It is quick, easy and comes for free
  • It allows you to customize your code’s data, footer text, size and colors
  • The tool permits you to create high-resolution image files for graphic design.


  • It features a lot of ads

QRcode Tiger

qrcode tiger

QRTiger QR Code Generator software is a powerful and easy-to-use QR code generator that helps you create high-quality QR codes in minutes.

With this software, you can quickly generate custom QR codes for your business or website. Additionally, QRTiger also offers a variety of other features, such as online printing and sharing capabilities.

The tool allows you to change the URL every time and create codes with logos on the fly. It also allows you to churn QR codes that are customized and with different colors.


  • Can make some awesome custom designs that can be saved as a template for later use
  • You don’t need to sign up to use the software
  • You can track data and churn dynamic QR codes for professional use


  • Free Trial only allows 3 dynamic QRs


qrcode api

QR Code API Code Generator software is a powerful and easy-to-use code generation tool that allows you to create QR codes quickly and easily.

With this software, you can generate QR codes, including marketing campaigns, product launches, and more. You can also customize your QR code templates to make them unique and personalize them for your specific needs.

This API is highly available and scalable, and it runs on the AWS cloud. It allows you to create QR codes in batches if you’re planning a conference and want QR Codes on attendees’ name tags.


  • It allows customization of the QR code with logo, colors, and images
  • You can create, read/scan QR codes online
  • QR codes are available in various print file formats such as EPS, vector graphics, and SVG


  • Using the API requires advanced technical skills that most people don’t have.


If you need to generate a QR code for a URL or share important information with a group, the Parallels Toolbox offers one of the quickest and simplest methods.

With the increasing popularity and usefulness of QR codes, any business interested in increasing its market outreach needs to incorporate this tool into its marketing plans.

Additionally, individuals and groups looking to provide access to information, a payments system, Wi-Fi, or a location, can instantly generate a QR code, saving time and frustrating delays.