SmiHub Review: An In-Depth Look at the Instagram Story Viewer and Anonymous Downloader


SmiHub is a website that offers a range of popular features for analyzing Instagram accounts know also known as dumpoir. Visitors can access various aspects of Instagram profiles, including videos, images, reels, stories, followers, and comments, among others.

One significant advantage is the ability to view all Instagram content anonymously. Users can also download photos, video posts, stories, and reels, enabling them to gather inspiration for social media content or create a personal collection of things they love and wish to revisit.

Established in October 2018, SmiHub has become a valuable solution for those seeking to view Instagram stories anonymously and conveniently download and reference content and posts.

Key Features of SmiHub Aka Dumpoir: What Does It Offer?

smihub fetures

In this section, we will explore the key features that have contributed to the popularity of SmiHub as an open-source platform, enabling anonymous browsing. Here are the main highlights:

User-friendly interface:

SmiHub offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use for all visitors.

Social media analytics:

In addition to Instagram, SmiHub provides social media analytics for various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

Anonymous photo and video viewing:

Users can browse and view photos and videos on SmiHub anonymously, without leaving any trace.

Content downloading:

SmiHub offers a convenient video downloader and photo downloader, allowing users to download desired content for future reference.

Private Instagram story viewer:

It provide a private Instagram story viewer, enabling users to view Instagram stories anonymously.

News and updates:

SmiHub also features a wide range of news articles related to popular social media platforms like Instagram, offering valuable insights into Instagram account activities, other users’ accounts, and the ability to anonymously view Instagram content.

SmiHub (Dumpoir): Free or Paid?

The great news is that offers its services completely free of charge, without any payment required.

For instance, if you wish to save video reels for later viewing, you can simply click the download button and effortlessly have the videos saved on your device for future use.

Moreover, by accessing tips and engaging with stories related to Instagram and social media news, you gain valuable insights on creating high-quality content and implementing a strong Instagram strategy to attract more followers.

It allows you to analyze your competitors and observe their Instagram account activities, enabling you to better understand your target market and generate unique content that helps you stand out on the platform.

Furthermore, since SmiHub is entirely free, all you need to do is visit the website and start utilizing its features. There is no option to upgrade your plan, making it the perfect solution for an anonymous Instagram account analysis.

How to Download Instagram Videos or Stories from SmiHub (

Step 1: Visit the official website

Go to the website, now officially known as, using your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Search for the Instagram account

On the SmiHub homepage, locate the search bar and enter the username of the Instagram account whose videos or stories you want to download.

Step 3: Initiate the search

Press the “Enter” key or click the search icon to initiate the search process.

Step 4: Access the profile information

After the search, a page will display the profile information of the Instagram account, including details like followers, location, profiles, and related tags. You will also see the account’s different posts.

Step 5: Download Instagram videos or stories

To download a specific video or story, follow one of the two methods:

Method 1:

a. Visit the SmiHub ( website.
b. Click the orange “Download from Instagram” button located in the top right corner of the page.
c. Copy the URL link of the desired photo or video from Instagram.
d. Follow the provided instructions to save the photo or video to your device.

Method 2:

a. On the profile page of the desired Instagram account, locate the video or story you want to download.
b. Click on the respective video or story to open it.
c. Look for the download option provided by SmiHub and click on it.
d. Follow the instructions given to download the video or story to your device.

By following these steps, you can easily download Instagram videos and stories using SmiHub (

User Feedback on SmiHub( What Are Users Saying?

We reached out to various SmiHub users to gather their feedback on the web-based service. One of the standout features that received high praise is the fact that is completely free to use.

Another highly regarded feature is the ability to conveniently view Instagram stories from any account and easily download photos and videos.

Given the limitations of the Instagram app when it comes to downloading content, users find SmiHub to be a valuable resource for saving photos and videos for later viewing.

Furthermore, users appreciate that SmiHub provides comprehensive account information when searching for a specific username. This feature proves beneficial for personal profile exploration or professional analysis purposes.

Overall, users have expressed their satisfaction with SmiHub, highlighting its free accessibility, user-friendly features for viewing and downloading Instagram content, and the convenience it offers in terms of account analysis.

The anonymity of SmiHub ( Is it Truly Anonymous?

Absolutely! With SmiHub (, you can browse stories and explore social media accounts without the need to log in, ensuring that your viewing activities remain untraceable.

One of the remarkable aspects of SmiHub Instagram is its ability to allow you to anonymously browse public Instagram accounts and explore tagged posts without revealing your identity.

The emphasis on anonymity is a significant feature of SmiHub. What sets it apart is the absence of a mandatory account requirement to access its free services.

Furthermore, since sharing photos or any other type of content is not possible on SmiHub (, there is no risk of your activity being linked back to you, preserving complete anonymity throughout your experience.

Is SmiHub a Legit Platform?

Yes, SmiHub is a Legit platform. It allows you to download videos and view Instagram stories without revealing your identity, ensuring complete anonymity.

SmiHub does not track your IP address or monitor your other social media activities. As your session is not associated with any specific account, you can use the platform without any concerns about the safety of your personal information.

SmiHub vs. Are They Distinct Platforms?

Although the website names may vary, SmiHub is now known as Dumpor. These two platforms are essentially identical and both domains are active.

It’s important to note that you can no longer view stories or browse accounts on the website. Instead, you will need to visit to access these features.

The overall functionality and content remain unchanged, with the platform continuing to offer free access to various elements such as comments, stories, videos, and more.

In summary, SmiHub and Dumpor are essentially the same platform, with only the name and platform change being the notable differences.

How to Access the SmiHub Website

To access the platform, you can visit using either a desktop or a mobile device. This provides convenient access to view stories and analyze Instagram accounts of your interest.

The compatibility of SmiHub with mobile devices is particularly advantageous, considering that a majority of users nowadays prefer searching and viewing video content on their mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are the alternatives to SmiHub for viewing Instagram stories?

If you’re looking for alternatives to SmiHub, you can consider platforms like Stories IG and IMGINN, which also provide the ability to view Instagram stories.

2. Is it safe to use SmiHub?

Yes, SmiHub is a safe platform to use. It doesn’t require any personal information or account registration. You can use the Instagram story viewer, download videos, and browse comments without the need to log in. Furthermore, since the service is free, there are no risks to your financial or personal information.

3. Are SmiHub and Dumpor the same?

Yes, SmiHub and Dumpor are essentially the same platforms. The only difference is the name change. Both websites offer tools for viewing Instagram stories and analyzing Instagram accounts. Both sites are currently operational and accessible to users.

4. Do I need an account to use SmiHub’s Instagram story viewer?

No, you do not need an account to use SmiHub’s Instagram story viewer. The service is available without requiring a username or account registration. You can simply visit the website and start using the free Instagram story viewer immediately.

5. Can I trust SmiHub with my personal information?

Yes, you can trust SmiHub with your personal information as it does not collect any personal data from its users. Since no personal information is required or stored, there is no risk to your privacy or data security.

In conclusion

SmiHub has gained a reputation as one of the top Instagram viewers among its users. With its extensive range of features, including those offered on both websites, users have a multitude of options at their disposal.

Whether you’re seeking the latest Instagram news, exploring Instagram user accounts, or utilizing the Instagram story viewer, you now have more choices than ever before. Both the SmiHub and Dumpor websites are legitimate platforms that can be accessed seamlessly from either a desktop or a mobile device.

With SmiHub/Dumpor, you have a convenient and free solution for browsing tagged posts, viewing Instagram stories, downloading videos, and performing Instagram account analysis. The fact that these services are accessible without requiring an account further enhances the user experience.

In an era where finding free resources on social media can be challenging, Its stands out as an accessible and valuable tool. Even without an account, you can take advantage of the Instagram story viewer and explore its features. Give it a try today and see if it meets your needs.