What Is Social Bookmarking, And Why Does It Matter For SEO?

what is social book marking.

SEO has become the most crucial tool for businesses to utilize when looking to digitally market their business. Nowadays, if you don’t use SEO, you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage compared to your competitors. There isn’t one specific thing that makes your website optimized for search engines, but a combination of different approaches. One such tool is social bookmarking.

Knowing how it works, why it is important, and how to use it for yourself is very important for any business looking to improve upon its digital marketing.

What is social bookmarking?

To properly utilize social bookmarking, you must first understand how it works.  When you use an online bookmarking site to store links. People who regularly send or share links with others on social media sites are taking part in social bookmarking.

How does it work?

The way it works is that you store links on social bookmarking sites, and they are saved as backlinks to whatever link you saved. Accessing these links is very easy and can be done with a working internet connection on any device. These links on social bookmarking sites can be given titles to better show what they lead to.

Links on these sites can generate a lot of clicks and create discussions and other people’s input on what was shared. Popular examples of social bookmarking sites are Twitter and Reddit, where many discussions occur on what was shared, and people give their input.

How does social bookmarking differ from bookmarks on your browser?

The main difference between the two is that for social bookmarking, your link is shared online on a social book marking the site and can be accessed at any time with an active internet connection. On the other hand, bookmarking on your browser is not shared online and is for your personal viewing. Bookmarks on browsers such as chrome do save the bookmarks to your account and can be accessed from any device, but these bookmarks don’t have any effect on SEO.

Benefits of social bookmarking in SEO

Social bookmarking is a very useful tool for digital marketing and can really help out websites that are being linked or talked about. Its especially useful in SEO due to how good it is in making your website or page more visible on search engines.

Increases website traffic

The backlinks are bound to generate clicks, increasing your website’s traffic. Interesting backlinks can easily generate thousands of clicks a day, helping your website out a lot.

Improves indexing

Social bookmarking is especially useful for faster and better indexing. Indexing makes it easier for Google to find your page, making it pop up more frequently in search engine searches. Indexing is very important because there are so many online pages and websites, and better indexing can give you a big edge over other sites.

High-quality backlinks

Backlinks are a very big part of success in digital marketing, and websites that are constantly linked to and visited due to these links finding themselves on the first page of google searches.

Allows you to see multiple points of view

One of the many advantages of having your links on social bookmarking websites is that people can give their input and opinions on what is being shared. This is especially common on more popular bookmarking sites such as Reddit and Twitter, where people from differing points of view say what they think. For you, this discussion allows you to see what you are doing right and what you might want to change.

Know what’s trending

Alongside having a different point of view on something, discussion on social book marking sites also allow you to see what’s trending right now. It’s important to always be updated on what is currently popular, and it can be great for that.

Taking advantage of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great tool to improve your digital marketing, but only when done properly. Certain aspects and practices you should know about will help you achieve better results with social bookmarking.

Choose a suitable but quality site

For social bookmarking, you always want a site that suits the type of page or content you want to share. Of course, sites like Twitter and Reddit are great for all kinds of links and pages, but they aren’t the only sites out there. You want sites that allow you to showcase what you share fully, but also, it needs to be a site that is considered trustworthy and popular.

Have an interesting title for the link

It’s very important that the link you share be clicked on, and on your part, there are a few things you can do. Firstly you want to keep the title very interesting, as you don’t have a lot of words to tell people what the link is about. Most social bookmarking sites also have images that can go alongside your links; these images must be relevant and appropriate depending on what is being shared.

Be sure to utilize keywords.

The keywords you use are very important as they can help you generate more traffic to your page by using the words that are most searched for on search engines. Find the trending keywords and topics that are frequently used with Google Trends API and to fully use this, you need to be aware of the most popular searches related to your link and try to use that for your links.

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Social bookmarking can do a lot for you and is very important in today’s digital marketing world. Alongside that, it is one of the simpler aspects of SEO to understand, making it a must-do.

Article by : GOYOU branding Team.