Lead Scoring – Definition and Method For Your Marketing Scoring

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is essential in an excellent inbound marketing strategy. Its use will allow you to classify your leads throughout your marketing funnel. Indeed, to be successful in your inbound marketing, you have set up effective lead nurturing, and you will be able to assess the engagement of your leads. Lead scoring should allow you […]

Newsletter Tips – 10 Tips For Creative and Engaging Newsletter

newsletter tips

You are shopping online and a screen pops up with ‘Sign up for the newsletter and receive a 10% discount on your order.’ A lot of us do that, because of discounts! But for that one-time discount, you are now stuck with several of those websites. Newsletters: your mailbox is full of them, but do […]

Colors That Sell : Top 10 Colors To Sell Your Stuff More

colors that sell brand logo

Colors convey sensations, that is why companies must ensure that their corporate image and logo are in sync with their values. Red is the color of power, blue is relaxing, and orange is related to energy The Colors play a key role in building a brand image and sell more products. People are visual creatures, […]

What is Dwell Time? Why it is Important For SEO

what is dwell time in seo

There is so much data and information available in the digital marketing world that it is difficult to know which metrics are worth tracking and optimizing. These are ”vanity metrics” and simply a waste of time. But what is dwell time? Dwell time happens to be one of the most important metrics you should pay […]

When Was Youtube Founded – The Start of YouTube

when was youtube founded

The YouTube website has only existed since 2005 and is already visited more than four billion times a day. Other staggering statistics: 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute and the number of unique visitors per month is currently 800 million. Figures that competitors can only dream of—the instant hit story of when YouTube […]

B2B Meaning: What is B2B (Business to Business) Marketing?

b2b business to business marketing

B2B stands for business to business, or companies to companies. This concerns company that is specifically aimed at the business market and therefore only does business with other companies. This is different from B2C: companies to consumers. These are companies that focus on parties that consume the end product. A well-known B2B company is, for […]

When Was Google Founded And How Did Google Originate?

when was google founded

In this article, I will take you into the wonderful world of Google. How a study project became a search engine and how a search engine founded and became one of the most influential companies in the world. Nowadays, people have made their work of what started as a study project, and you have internet […]

Copywriting Techniques – Tips To Write Perfect Article (Blog)

When writing a successful internet blog, we no longer adhere to the old-fashioned school rules. The complex demands of the volatile internet reader are central and for that good copywriting techniques are a must. Only 21% reads. In other words, 79% only scan or do not read your article at all. Unless you use the […]

Growing Up In The Now: Generation Z In A Self-centered World

generation z

Generation Z takes control of life itself. In shaping a happy future, they seize everything that can help them further from self-promotion on Insta, the help of a happiness coach to the flattering self-affirmation in an affirmations app. Life is searching for this young generation. And that search is not without a struggle. Embracing individual […]